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If you wake up frequently at specific hours in the night there could be a reason behind it. When it comes to paying attention to our bodies, the ways we sleep or ways our sleep is interrupted can truly reveal a lot.

Most people do not get anywhere near the sleep that they need and if you are anything like me chances are you toss and turn all through the night. Getting the sleep that you need is extremely important. There are tons of things that can play into why you might not be sleeping properly or getting the quality of sleep you need. Looking into the issues that are coming up can and will make a huge difference in your life and how you move forward.

I recently found some information online written by Dr. Gangemi that put everything into perspective for me and helped me work on my sleeping issues. This being information well worth sharing with all of you. Below I am going to go over the different issues that can be causing you to wake up at different hours during the night. While some may vary they are for the most part quite overwhelmingly but worth looking into.

Dr. Gangemi is a holistic doctor who uses lots of different methods in his work. He touts meridian therapy and acupressure as well as exercise. He as noted on his website is often the doctor people come to see after they’ve tried everything else and not seen improvement.

What Your Body Wants You To Know Based On What Time You Wake During The Night:

11 PM to 1 AM

According to Dr. Gangemi, this could be a sign of gallbladder issues. You see, during this time period, our gallbladder is at its most active. If we are eating too many fatty foods or doing something health-wise that we shouldn’t we might end up waking up around these times each night.

1 AM to 3 AM

This is one of the most common time periods for a person to wake up in the night and can be for the most part liver related. You see, when cortisol or epinephrine levels elevate as to pull sugar from the liver we might wake up. The liver does far more than you might think and if yours is in overdrive it could be causing you to stay up at night sometimes.

3 AM to 5 AM

The body part associated with this time period would be the lungs. Perhaps breathing difficulties are suddenly causing you to wake during the night or you’re struggling with allergies of some kind. This can vary from person to person but is something you should not usually ignore.

5 AM to 7 AM

If you’re waking at this time period you should probably be paying more attention to your intestines. Your insides are irritated and your colon is calling your name. This can be due to eating something you shouldn’t have, being overly sensitive to something, allergies, or even not having the proper gut bacteria you need.

Now, when it comes to combating these things you could always get yourself checked out to make sure there are no major issues, first and foremost. Once you’ve done that you can begin working on finding some kind of treatment that will benefit you. The more you understand about the issue at hand the more properly you can treat it. Considering most sleep issues are adrenal related, that is often the best place to start.

To learn about how to get the sleep you need if you are someone who wakes during these times in the night check out the video below. What do you think about all of this? How often do you wake up at night? Could this be enough to get you back on track? Perhaps working to get the energies in your body flowing would be enough to get you where you need to be.