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Throughout thousands of years, ancient civilizations have turned to the healing power of crystals and gemstones in order to assist in the healing of physical, mental and spiritual ailments. Helping to encourage the flow of energy throughout the body, these stones work to release blockages and restore balance in the body.

The American Gem Society states: “According to folklore and stories throughout history, many gemstones are thought to offer mystic healing to its wearer.”

Each month is associated with a birthstone believed to have its own unique properties and characteristics.  Below you will find an explanation of the powers your birthstone possesses and what you must do in order to unlock its abilities.

January (Garnet)

The deep red of the garnet inspires passion, sensuality, intimacy and romantic love. This positive and deeply emotional connotation also allows it to provide a sense of direction during times of darkness, helping its wearer to stay safe in travel and helping to prevent nightmares. Physically, the garnet promotes optimal health of the lungs and heart. In your daily lives, the garnet has been found to promote success, providing the positive energies required to enhance your career efforts.

Try this: Place 4 garnets in the drawer of your desk at work, one stone in each corner of the drawer, in order to achieve new milestones in your career.

February (Amethyst)

The Amethyst is a symbol of courage. During the times of the ancient Greeks, it was believed that wearing an amethyst would protect one against intoxication. The word ‘amethyst’ actually comes from the Greek word for sober, ‘amethystos’. Bringing about a peaceful and calming energy, it helps to manage insomnia, provide feelings of peace and balance, and encourages a deep inner strength. Wearing an amethyst can help relieve pain, manage arthritis and promote proper circulation.

Try this: The mere presence of an amethyst can promote peace and serenity. Surround yourself with them by placing them in your car, home, office and any other space that you visit on a regular basis.

March (Aquamarine)

The aquamarine is associated with feelings of youth, happiness, and good health. It’ high positive energies are believed to have the power to release negative energy from those who wear it. It calms the nerves and releases fears, bringing a sense of heightened mental clarity. Physically, the aquamarine can be used in the healing of ailments that relate to the stomach, jaw, teeth, throat, eyes, ears and liver.

Try this: Take a glass bowl filled with water and place an aquamarine in the middle of it before placing it in direct sunlight. Close your eyes as you state a positive affirmation of something you wish to promote in your life, envisioning this change. This will work to attract positive energy to the stone bath. Once it has had the opportunity to absorb the sun’s energy for a full day, bring the bowl in and splash your face with the water. In time, you will begin to see the positive energies at work in encouraging that which you brought before the universe in your affirmation.

April (Diamond)

The diamond has long been recognized as the symbol of everlasting love, the reason why it is often used in engagement rings and wedding bands. Its energy brings a sense of purity, innocence and eternity to those who wear it. It was once believed that diamonds were actually the tears of the Gods, representing true strength and courage. Wearing a diamond has been found to assist in rebalancing the body’s metabolism, treating allergies and promoting optimal brain function.

Try this: Place a diamond next to a photo of the person that you are currently in a relationship with to strengthen your relationship and encourage a stronger connection. If you are single, meditate with a diamond to help visualize the partner of your dreams.

May (Emerald)

One of Cleopatra’s favorite gemstones, many believe that the emerald is the most powerful of the birthstones for healing purposes. This stone has been used for many different purposes over the years due to its strong healing properties, such as treating ailments of the heart, spine, muscular system and lungs. It is also believed to help in the management of diabetes. The stone has come to represent success and self-love, and wearing an emerald close to your heart works to promote confidence.

Try this: If you are looking to reunite with someone that you are now estranged from, hold an emerald tightly close to your heart and speak the message that you wish to convey to them into the stone. Once you have finished, seal it in an envelope. You can either then place this stone in a place of safekeeping, or send it to the person if you are feeling gutsy. In time, you will find this individual will open their heart to hear the words you are speaking.

June (Pearl)

Often used in movies and television shows to depict modesty, chastity and the ideal housewife, the pearl is recognized as a symbol of purity. When worn, a pearl can help to calm your mind and control feelings of anger and frustration. It can also help to optimize the digestive system and improve the skin of the wearer.

Try this: Light a candle and then place a pearl in your non-dominant hand. Closing your eyes, take 3-5 slow, deep breaths allow yourself to focus and ground your energy. Once you feel grounded, take a pen and paper and allow yourself to write whatever messages your body compels you to share, releasing these messages and the energy that is associated. When you feel as though all the messages have been written out, place the pearl over your heart and recite a positive mantra designed to promote healing three times with your eyes closed. Open your eyes and blow out the flame of the candle.

July (Ruby)

Throughout history the ruby has earned the nickname the ‘King of Gems,’ often used to represent strength, power, and nobility. Wearing a ruby can help to boost your energy levels, encourage enthusiasm and contentment, promote integrity and welcome harmony. It helps to detoxify the blood and lymphatic system, treat fevers and infectious diseases and encourage proper blood flow throughout the body. Wearing a ruby has also been found to stimulate both the kidneys and the reproductive organs.

Try this: The next time that you are making love with your partner, wear your ruby. Its energy will heighten the sensations, increase passion and deepen the romantic connection.

August (Peridot)

The peridot works to bring peace, calm and stability to anyone who wears it. Even the most sensitive and emotional individuals find that this gemstone can lower their fears and calm their worries, alleviating feelings of stress and anxiety. It works to strength both the immune system and metabolism, treat ulcers and gallbladder issues, and optimize the function of the heart, lungs, spleen, and intestines.

Try this: Wear a peridot pendant throughout the day as a measure of protection. The peridot will work to ward off evil, dark and negative energies, as well as help to manage depression by protecting you from your own negative thoughts.



September (Sapphire)

The sapphire has been associated with creative expression, inner peace, and wisdom. It is believed that wearing one will enable an individual to accept their greatest strengths, brilliance and divine qualities, empowering them to share them with those that can benefit from your enlightenment. Throughout history, this gemstone has been used to combat situations of excessive bleeding, strengthen the vein walls and treat blood disorders.

Try this: When dealing with legal matters, start your day with a sapphire ring on the middle finger of your dominant hand. Throughout the day move this ring to different digits as it needs to be active in order to impart its benefits effectively. The stone will work to help you achieve a quick and positive resolution.

October (Opal)

The word ‘opal’ comes from the Latin root ‘opalus,’ which means ‘precious jewel. This gemstone represents hope, innocence, confidence, and creativity. Its connection with innocence allows the viewer to calm their mind, releasing the stress and concerns of adulthood and returning to a more childlike peace. Not only can it calm the mind, but it also helps to improve memory, cleanse the kidneys and regulate the body’s insulin levels.

Try this: Place an opal under your pillow, or under the pillow of a child in order to prevent recurring nightmares. It can also be placed on your nightstand for a similar result.

November (Topaz)

The yellow topaz is associated with overall healing energies, promoting a balance in the body and working to ensure optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Promoting feelings of peace and forgiveness, it will help the wearer to let go of old hurts and move forward in their emotional healing after they have been wronged. It can aid the body in digestion, stimulate the metabolism and assist in the treatment of eating disorders, such as bulimia and anorexia.

Try this: Place both the blue topaz, which represents the moon and the golden topaz, which represents the sun, together in a small pouch. Carrying this pouch on your person will work to balance the different sides of your brain – intuition, creativity, logic, gentleness, and power.

December (Zircon)

The zircon has been found to have strong grounding powers, assisting the wearer to view difficult situations free from emotional bias. This stone carries strong protective powers that have been recognized throughout the ages, worn to protect individuals from everything from lightning to robbery, bodily harm to disease. It helps to promote clarity in your priorities, making it easier to separate the important from the less significant. Zircon has also been found to be beneficial in the treatment of sciatica, cramps, vertigo and menstrual irregularity.

Try this: The next time that you travel, wear a zircon close to your heart either in a necklace or a broach. It will work to protect you from harm.