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Many people brush astrology and numerology off as pseudoscience, but ultimately, these things are far more accurate than you may realize. As a tarot reader, and spiritual advisor, I often begin my sessions with numerology life path numbers, and I have never met a single person who didn’t resonate with theirs.

Out of all of the numbers that are included in numerology reports, and in numerology teachings, the life path number is one of the most telling numbers as far as understanding your mind, body, and soul. They also determine how your life would be best fulfilled.

By adding each digit of your birthdate, for example, 10-06-1989 would be 1+0+6+1+9+8+9= 34 and then breaking it down to a single digit by adding 3+4=7, you will find your life path number. Once you have the number, keep reading.

1. The Leader

Number ones are natural leaders who are independent, and find their happiness in their ability to believe in themselves and their values. And number ones don’t care if their beliefs or behaviors align with others, as long as their gut tells them they are on the right path. The best path for this number is self-employment, and coming up with a unique business venture. They are often original, determined, and courageous but can become domineering and controlling when they are out of balance.

2. Mediators

Number twos are loving, generous and deeply intuitive.  They thrive in the company of others and are often most content when they feel as though they are of service to others. Oftentimes, they are the ones who are able to keep the peace between other people and are quite resilient. However, their resilience can end up being their own demise, as number two’s can be pushovers at times. As long as you remain balanced, you are sensitive, supportive and intuitive. But, when imbalanced, you will be seen as manipulative, indecisive and selfish.

3. The Socializer

Number threes are extremely content with communicating their needs and expressing themselves to others. They make great writers, actors, speakers and performance artists. They love connecting with others but can be overly optimistic at times. They may seek out relationships with people they can ‘cure,’ only to be let down when they are unable to fix the other person.

4. The organizer.

Number fours are suckers for the organization, structure, and strict and understandable boundaries in which to work with. This need for structure helps balance them and keep them motivated, and they are often the ones who carry a to-do list with them everywhere. They make very loyal partners but can come off as controlling or dogmatic.

5. The seeker of freedom.

5’s strive for change and adventure as a means for excitement, and they find themselves living their best life when they are en route to a new adventure. They tend to resist authority and don’t care for structure. Oddballs and eccentrics gravitate towards the number 5. Number 5’s are usually more focused on building their life and experiencing it before getting married or settling down.

6. The Nurturer

6’s are quite compassionate and are typically ones to look towards the bigger picture, rather than focusing on the small details. They make great entrepreneurs and love anything of the arts. They can be quite creative and are very good at giving advice and counsel. They often direct their focus to family and can come off as perfectionists and even a bit critical.

7. The Seeker

Number 7’s are seekers of knowledge, wisdom and divine truth. They are able to analyze things and situations in order to better understand the deeper and more important questions of life. But, because their mind is constantly seeking to learn, they often may find themselves feeling lonely.

8. The Powerhouse.

8’s place career, business, finances, and structure at the forefront of their lives. They are organized, motivated and disciplined while having almost no fear of risks if it means personal advancement. However, the 8 needs to have supporters or followers to thrive and will become dissatisfied without a group to lead.

9. The Humanitarian

While 9’s are versatile, they are most content when serving a cause that benefits humanity. They enjoy giving to others and using their imaginative gifts to be of service to other people. But, if you don’t push yourself to ask for help when you need it, you may sacrifice yourself for everyone else.