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While you might not want to admit it, your big sister means a lot to you. Yes, she might get under your skin and you might have your differences, but she will always be there for you.

Your big sister has always stood by your side even when you were being an asshole. She spoke up for you when no one else would and when you thought you weren’t good enough she proved to you that you were. She was the one person who understood your troubles and helped you get through life in your earliest years.

Yes, she has made you cry before, and she might not always be someone you see eye to eye with but when you need her she is only one call away. You know she would drop everything to be right here by your side if you needed her. She helps you see through your own shit when you’re messing up and isn’t afraid to call you out when you need to be called out.

She has unconditionally been by your side since you were born and things will never change between the two of you no matter how many ups and downs the two of you face. She helps you to be a better version of yourself, and she also knows that at the end of the day you also have her back in the same ways she has yours.

Not only did she take all the flak from your parents when you were younger, but she also helped you to be true to yourself when you were struggling to figure out who you were as a whole. She always gave the best advice and when the time came for you to get things sorted and move into the adult world, she was there to help you do things like put in applications and ease you into the things that she had to do on her own. Yeah, your parents were there too but you could never talk to them the way you could and still can your sister.

I know, you might have your differences and there may be times when you’re not speaking but at the end of the day, you’re important to one another. Your sister needs you and you need her. She is someone that would stop the world from turning if she had to in order to be there for you and you should not cut her short for that.