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We all know that October is a very special month but this year the new moon is going to be more intense than usual. The new moon set to occur on the 27th will hold lots of change for us all. 

This new moon will be present in the sign Scorpio and shock us all back to reality. Chances are many of us will become more impulsive than usual and perhaps some may feel quite restless. The more caution we use with times like these, the better.

Below I am going to go over what each zodiac sign should expect as this whole ordeal unfolds. While things are going to be a bit confusing and full of chaos, they will help us grow in positive manners. All the things that happen to us and around us do-so for a reason.


This new moon isn’t going to offer you any favors. You’re going to be kicked down a few notches and forced to look at things from the outside. While you’re usually someone people are drawn to, the way you’ve been treating those who care for your needs to change. 


This new moon is going to offer you a lot of strength during this time. You’re going to begin looking at the world as it is rather than how you would like for it to be. While this is going to be a lot to take in, it will help you grow and develop yourself much more properly.


This new moon might not be enough to break you down but it will bring you to your knees. You’re going to be feeling as though there is something you need to make up for but exactly what isn’t going to be clear. The harder you work to understand yourself and why you’re feeling as you are the further you may get in uncovering just that.


This new moon is going to remind you of how important it is to keep your own well-being in mind. You let a lot of people walk all over you and that needs to stop. Life is too short to live it underneath the feet of everyone else.


This new moon is going to have you ready to take some time for yourself. You spend every day surrounded by people and it’s exhausting. While you love the spotlight you also need time to yourself. This is your chance to recharge.


This new moon could be exactly what you need regarding breaking free. You’ve been cooped up for far too long. It’s about time you got out and really let loose. Perhaps a night on the town is exactly what you want to try out.


This new moon is going to bring you to a place within your own mind that you have not visited in a long time. You’re going to be working through emotions that you otherwise would leave ignored and perhaps trying to make amends with those who you’ve damaged in the past. There is someone special headed your way and while they might look familiar they’re not what they once were.


This new moon is going to bring you to a new place in life. You’re going to really work to let your inner light shine through and be more positive. While you don’t usually take the time to work on yourself, now is your chance to make a big difference in how you view the world around you.


This new moon is going to remind you that you’re nowhere near where you need to be in life. You’re stuck and it shows, you really need to get out of the situations you’ve gotten yourself into over the past few months and quickly. While that is all easier said than done, you have a lot to make up for and it’s not going to fix itself.


This new moon is going to bring you to finally relax. You’re going to be taking a step back and working to better understand your own mind. If you’ve been needing time to think, this is your chance.


This new moon is going to work with you in very interesting ways. You’re going to be evolving during this time to really step into a new world as someone who doesn’t mind taking charge. This might not be easy for you but it will be very beneficial.


This new moon is going to bring you to a place where you have to look at who you are. You’re going to be wondering how to move forth in life and working to find more passion. There is something bothering you and now is the time to really come to terms with whatever that something is.