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A good woman, one that loves everything she’s got, doesn’t come along often. And while that girl that you pushed away, the one you let slip away may seem like she’s a dime a dozen, you are going to realize soon that she isn’t, and just like that it will be too late.

A girl that fights to keep a relationship, despite all of the odds stacked against it, is a special kind of woman. You may have cheated, pushed her away, ignored her, overstepped her boundaries, and continued to give her every reason to doubt you.

However, despite all of that, she kept fighting. She gave you chance after chance. Yet time and time again, you showed her why she shouldn’t. You screamed with your actions for her to leave you.

And after all of those failed attempts to make the connection work, eventually, she did.

That woman you pushed away, she truly loved you. She accepted you. She forgave you. She would have stood by your side forever, all she wanted was for you to show her the same respect and effort.

Instead, you showed her every reason why she should never have faith in you ever again.

All those texts and calls you ignored. All the times you tuned her out when she was talking, you are going to remember that. You will remember her nagging and begging you to do better. And more than anything, you are going to remember all of those chances she gave you that you destroyed.

Eventually, you are going to regret losing that girl who fought so hard to keep you, because she loved you more than you ever deserved. She saw something in you that even you didn’t see in yourself. But one day, when your eyes meet that mirror, you will see that side of yourself and you are going to regret missing out on her.