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If you want your daughter to grow up and find someone who will treat her right you as her father need to treat her mother right. You can’t pick her mother apart in front of her and expect her to not settle for someone who does the same to her someday.

The bond a father and daughter has is a very important one and while not everyone realizes this, young girls learn a lot about love from their fathers. The relationship your mom and dad have is the first you ever see in life and whether they’re together or not, it shapes how you move forward. Even when your parents aren’t together knowing that they’re treating each other well is important.

As a father, you show your daughter that it’s not just a man’s world. You teach her that she has the right to stand up for herself and that no man should be able to break her down. Yes, you might be a bit overly protective and you might not like every boy she ends up dating but at the end of the day, if you’ve taught her well, you’ll believe in her and her path as she follows her heart in life.

When she sees you say you’re sorry to her and her mother and change your ways when you do something wrong, that will stick with her forever. She will expect the same things from the men she allows close and that’s important. She as your child needs to know that she can always come to you even if it’s hard and you should make sure that she knows that communication and trust are some of the most important things in relationships as a whole.

If you give her mother flowers and treat her right, she will want someone in her life to do the same. She will be more capable of finding her own strength than you might initially realize. I know, all of this might sound a bit ‘all over the place’ but it’s true. As she grows up and becomes more and more of a woman she will know that she doesn’t need to compare herself to other girls and that no matter how old she gets, she is in control of her life. She doesn’t have to rely on someone else if she doesn’t want to and if she wants to be single forever or settle down that decision is up to her.

You can’t hit your wife and scream at her all the while expecting your daughter to grow up never accepting that kind of thing in her life, it just doesn’t work like that. Showing her that those kinds of things are not acceptable from a young age can be a huge help as she progresses in this life. As her dad, she needs to know that if someone ever hurts her, you’ll always be there for her.

Our parents help teach us how to move through this world and as a dad if you want your daughter to be able to hold her own you need to help her as best you can. This world is cruel, and she needs to know that at the end of the day if she’s not comfortable with something, it shouldn’t be happening, period. If all you know throughout your younger years is your parents fighting and arguing, that may be what you end up stuck in yourself.

If you treat your wife well and your daughter grows up seeing that she will too want the same from her love in the future. She will be less willing to accept people who refuse to give her what she knows she deserves because after seeing you offer that to her mother she knows it is out there. I know, this concept is lost for some but if you’re a dad, it’s never too late to try and help your daughter to understand her worth.