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While we tend to think of those who have crossed over often, we don’t always see the signs that they are still with us. There are tons of different ways that deceased loved ones reach out and the more aware you are of those signs, the more you will notice how not alone you are in this world.

When someone who has crossed over makes an effort to reach out one of the more common ways they do-so is through animals. They use different animals to make themselves known and send messages to those they love who are still present on this Earth. Below I am going to go over some of the animals that spirits tend to use to guide us in different ways, if you’re seeing one or more of these animals often perhaps someone you’ve been thinking about wants you to know they are still with you in their own ways.

If You’re Seeing Any Of These Animals, The Spirit World Might Be Trying To Contact You:

1. Butterflies

When someone from the other side is thinking of you, chances are you’ll see a lot of butterflies. For me these butterflies are often blue, but they can be any color. My grandmother always sends me butterflies when I am feeling down.

2. Cardinals

A lot of people already know about cardinals and that they bring messages with them but some people don’t stop to embrace their presence like they should. Cardinals are said to be able to flow from this world to the next and well, when they do that they meet a lot of souls along the way. They do their best to bring back the things they can and find the people they belong to.

3. Lady Bugs

Lady bugs are amazing creatures and while they’re tiny, when we see lots of them they tend to bring someone to mind. This is because someone from the spirit world told them to remind you that they were still there with you watching you in this world. While they cannot be physically with you, they still think about you and want to see you succeed.

4. Ravens

If you come across a raven and it announces its presence loudly, you should take the time to hear it out. Sit with it for awhile and see if you can meditate to figure out what it is trying to say. Chances are it has spoken with someone from your past who wants to say something to you.

5. Foxes

While foxes are thought to be tricky they can bring with them messages as well. They remind us that the obstacles we are facing are not too hard for us to overcome. We are stronger than we think.

6. Wolves

Wolves are thought to be able to help people who have passed get to the other side and with that, they also bring messages back with them once they’ve helped someone get to where they needed to be. They will remain at a distance, but you will know what they are trying to say.

7. Owls

While some people are afraid of owls, they are often quite skiddish. They when seen in person seem to look into our souls and if you’ve ever noticed one before you’ve had a specific emotion wash over you. Someone from the other side wanted you to feel whatever you felt in that moment.

8. Dragonflies

Dragonflies do not live for a long time, but they are quite present in most areas. If you’re seeing lots of them then chances are the other side wants you to know that you’re working hard and your hard work is not going without being noticed. Someone out there is proud of you.

9. Turtles

Turtles are often overlooked because they are more common to see, but they hold their own messages as well. They remind us to stay on our paths and keep doing what we are doing. They are a sign that someone out there sees our efforts and knows we are making progress.

10. Eagles

The eagle has always been a messenger for the other side. When you see an eagle or several eagles in a short period of time, you should take into consideration that someone might be trying to contact you. The person trying to reach out is likely trying to give you a confidence boost.