I know you are not physically in this world right now but that does not mean you are not with me on some level. When I am feeling my worst, you make yourself known and those moments get me through more than you could ever imagine. 

It is never easy losing a loved one but even when we lose them, they’re not actually lost. They’re still with us, watching over our lives and helping guide us as we move through our daily lives. The people who matter the most to us are people we’ve met in other lives and will continue to meet time and time again in more lives to come.

Just because you can’t hug someone does not mean that they’re long gone. They could be hovering over you right now just waiting for the perfect moment to speak up. They get our attention in some of the most unexpected ways and if you know what to look for, you’ll notice them on a daily basis.

Below I am going to go over some signs that you’re in the presence of someone who has passed that still feels deeply connected to you. This someone could be a family member, old friend, or perhaps even a lover. Don’t ignore them, make sure you thank them for watching over you.

5 Signs You’re Being Watched Over By A Deceased Loved One:

1. You keep smelling scents specific to them or hearing whispers that sound like them.

When someone who has passed is around you and watching over you, you might smell their cooking or even their perfume. This is their way of getting your attention. Some of them may even go so far as to whisper things to you, while it might catch you off guard it’s not always a negative thing so be open-minded.

2. You keep noticing things moved around that are specific to that person.

If your deceased loved one wants to get your attention he or she might move something so that you will find it. For example if you have your grandfather’s watch put up he may in his energetic state place it somewhere out for you to see it. Sure, you’ve not moved it in months, but he knew you needed to see it.

3. They visit you in your dreams.

Our deceased loved ones are often going to visit us in our dreams. These dreams will be much more vivid and in detail than your average dream. Look for the meaning behind them, there is always something deeper behind them.

4. You keep seeing the same animals over and over, they seem especially interested in you.

If you’re noticing the same kinds of animals more and more that could have something to do with your deceased friends or family. I personally tend to see cardinals when my grandmother’s spirit is around. She brings them to my window sill and through her energies, they interact with me.

5. You can feel them near you energetically.

When someone you love is still with you, you will be able to feel it. There will be no denying it. You can, especially when in times of trouble feel them there with you helping to hold you up even in death.

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