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We all go through different things in life and a lot of the time we end up hurting pretty bad at the hands of others. The people we care about the most about can sometimes turn out to be quite toxic and through all of that, we have to grow. 

If you are in pain and struggling right now because of a failed relationship or because someone decided that they wanted to break you apart for their own gain, don’t let it stop you from getting back out there. In this life, we face so many ups and downs that getting stuck in a rut is almost unavoidable but that doesn’t have to be a reality you live. Even at your lowest point, you are capable of doing great things and becoming a better version of yourself. 

What doesn’t kill you will always make you stronger even if it leaves you feeling shattered for a little while. You might have just wanted to be with someone who didn’t want to be with you or wanted to build a life that was not ideal for everyone who was intended to be a part of it and the failure of it all wasn’t your fault. You did your best and you tried as hard as you could. It’s not your fault that you’re hurting and the pain you feel is very real. 

The people who have done damage to you throughout the years are the ones who have to face that within themselves at one point or another. You, on the other hand, have to take responsibility for your happiness and peace of mind in overcoming the past and preparing for the future. You can get through anything this world throws at you and you can pick up all the pieces of your shattered being in order to place them together again. 

Mourn the loss that you’re feeling and then do what is best for you in truly working to better understand your life as a whole. It’s not your fault that your knight in shining armor turned out to be a turd with a little polish on it. You can move on and you can overcome, never forget that. 

While it is easier for others to blame the things they’ve done on those they’ve done them to, that doesn’t mean they’re speaking the truth. You deserve true happiness and success in life and you will never find that if you do not overcome the things that have happened to you. Don’t do it for the sake of those who have wronged you, do it for the ‘you’ that you’ve always wanted to become.

Life isn’t always what it seems and toxic people are always going to be a part of the world we live in. We cannot close ourselves off from progress or act like everything is perfect. That place of growth is a place that we should never forget about. You might have gone through a lot but you are so much stronger for having experienced the things you have.