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While some people dismiss those who are ‘weird’ as undatable and not worthy of their time or efforts the opposite is true. Those who are ‘weird’ can bring forth some of the most meaningful connections and warm our hearts in the most amazing ways.

The quirks we have makeup who we are and allow us to be even more special and unique than the rest. When you’ve found someone whose laugh brings tears to your eyes because it is sillier than the joke itself don’t deny it, you’ve found someone well worth spending your life with. Laughter is the best medicine and when you have someone like this by your side, you will always be right where you need to be.

In this day and age, people try to use the word ‘weird’ as if it’s a bad thing and well, it’s not. There is nothing wrong with breaking the mold and daring to be yourself in a world full of people who seem to act as if they are clones of one another. Weird people will bring you to some of the most amazing experiences and really fill your life with joy if you let them.

Sure, as weird people we might be a bit unorthodox and you might not understand us right off the bat but we will always show you a good time. We will lift you up and bring a smile to your face in some of the most unexpected ways. You will never know what is about to come out of our mouths and sometimes we might really mix things up in the most interesting ways.

As weird people, we are often cast aside or thrown into the friend zone but if you give us the chance you will see that we are not only the life of the party but also extremely romantic when we want to be. We are well aware of how to sweep people off of their feet and when we’ve found someone we really want to be with, that side of us comes out full force.

We are charming, caring, and so much more when we’re allowed to be ourselves and in the end, can bring a lot of excitement and comfort into your life. We will be there for you when you need us the most and we will always be willing to lighten the mood when things get intense. Sure back in high school dating, someone who was considered to be weird might have been something you never thought you’d do because of the way everyone looked at that person but now you’re able to see these people in the right light.

You see that they live their lives as they want to and that they are not willing to filter who they are for the people who don’t really care for them anyway. These are the kinds of people you need in your life and the more time you spend with them the more apparent this will become. As we grow up we begin to see more and more that the weirdos of this world are the people who deserve all we can offer them. They will protect the hearts we allow them to hold and they won’t stomp all over our hopes and dreams.

When you find someone who can make you almost die of laughter by just sharing theirs you have found someone who deserves all you have to offer them. This person is a true catch and you’re going to have quite the time with them. Embrace the weird and allow yourself to grow into someone who is more willing to let your true colors shine.