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Astrology and the zodiac profiles can offer us a lot of insight into our personalities and the personalities of the people we love most. And if you were raised by a Capricorn, you can likely relate to the following ten things.

My mother is a Capricorn, and the older I have become and the more I got into astrology, the more I realized how astonishingly accurate it is when predicting at least basic personality profiles. Capricorn, for example, is an Earth sign that is highly disciplined, practical-minded, and strategic almost to a fault. They are also very loving and nurturing, balancing their personality and incorporating warmth into their overall personality.

If you have a Capricorn parent, then you will most definitely relate to the following.

1. They can be quite strict in their parenting roles.

Capricorn parents are quite strict, expecting their children to act exactly as told, otherwise, they can become a bit harsh. According to astrologer Linda Furiate, “A Capricorn parent may run a tight ship,” and continuing she says, “treating their offspring like soldiers rather than children. A highly structured and disciplined lifestyle may be encouraged or enforced.” And I see no lies in that statement.

2. They hold high expectations for their children.

Capricorn parents have high expectations for their offspring, expecting them to live up to a certain standard, or else they will get in big trouble. They also hold themselves to a very high standard, and everyone in general, so it makes sense they hold those expectations for their kids.

3. They are total neat freaks.

Capricorns are very particular about having a clean and tidy everything. They do not like messes, and if their children make them, they are expected to clean them up, immediately.

4. They provide a very cozy home environment.

Not only do they value a clean home, but also a cozy one, one that feels warm and comforting. To this day, my mom’s house has this cozy vibe about it that still feels like home, even though I’ve been moved out for over ten years.

5. They take their role as parents very seriously.

As a parent, Capricorn takes their role and responsibilities very seriously. In a really interesting article by Romper, they explain that this is why they are oftentimes some of the best parents.

6. They like to share their childhood experiences with their kids. (Games, entertainment, etc.)

Capricorn’s parents are highly nostalgic. Due to that, they often like to share games and experiences with their kids that they enjoyed growing up.

7. They are homebodies.

And while they do enjoy going out from time to time, for the most part, they enjoy staying at home. This probably is why they spend so much time making their home comfy and safe.

8. You were taught manners and expected to act accordingly.

If you have a Capricorn parent, then you already know that manners and how you act towards your elders are very important. Growing up, I was taught quickly that there is a certain way to act around others and in public, and that respecting the people older than me was of the utmost importance. And I am glad I was raised that way!

9. Old values are held in higher esteem than modern ones.

Despite the changing of values as years go on, Capricorns are highly-traditional and very practical-minded. For the most part, they don’t change their values to meet the demands of society, they already have values instilled in them. That doesn’t mean a Capricorn is resistant to change, it’s more so that they are traditional in all senses of the word.

10. Safety in the home is a top priority.

And Capricorns hold safety in their home for their children as a top priority. Not just like all moms do, but to a completely another extent. And if anything could potentially be dangerous, they are quick to address it and make it safe again.