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When we see toys from our childhood we think back to the memories we have of when they were popular but the truth is some of these toys could be worth a lot of money in this day and age. While you haven’t thought about some of these in ages, some might be locked away in your attic in perfect condition.

Below you will find a list of some of the items you might recognize from your childhood that are worth well into the hundreds these days. While not all of these will be as prominent to you as some of them will be I am sure you will most likely recognize many. How many of these did you enjoy in your younger years?

25 of Your Childhood Toys That Are Worth A Small Fortune now:

1. Polly Pockets

People are going crazy for old Polly Pocket items right now. You can buy them by the lot for anywhere from one hundred to seven hundred. It just depends on which ones you have how much you can get.

2. Original Furbys


Some original Furbys are going for hundreds. If you have one in an unopened box you might be able to get about nine hundred for it. Keeping them sealed makes them much more valuable.

3. Pogs

There are some pogs that are actually worth a pretty penny.  There are a lot of rare ones from the 90s that people are hunting in current times. If you have one that is flawed due to some kind of manufacturing error you might be able to get a lot for it. The set of Marilyn Monroe pogs goes for over one thousand.

4. Cabbage Patch Kids

Prices for these babies vary but some are on up in the thousands. Perhaps you might want to look up some of the ones you have. They might be worth more than you’d think.

5. Royal Blue Elephant Beanie Baby

While this beanie baby might not look like much to most there were only 2,000 of these made with a darker color than intended. If you happen to have one you might want to trade it in for your five thousand bucks. Yes, I said five thousand bucks.

6. Original Gameboy

Original Gameboy might not seem like much when it comes to playing video games these days but there is a demand for this classic. If you have one you could sell for anywhere from seven hundred to over a thousand if properly taken care of and functioning. This handheld system is something many want to get their hands on.

7. Original Super Soaker Watergun (Power Drencher)

Original Super Soakers were known as Power Drenchers to begin with and originally went for about 10-50 bucks. These days you can get one online for about fifty to four hundred bucks. They are not as common as you might think.

8. Bandai Stadium Events

You won’t see this one listed for any less than a few thousand bucks. The better condition this one is in the more you can get. Current listings are around eight thousand bucks on eBay. Were you a fan of this game back in the day?

9. Original Lite-Brite

Sure, you could get one of the cheap smaller remakes at Walmart but if you want the original you’ll have to pay a nice chunk. The 1967 classic goes for about a hundred bucks. While it might be a bit old it is quite nostalgic.

10. Vintage Rainbow Brite Dolls

Depending on how old your dolls are you could be looking at a few hundred for these as well. That being said, I couldn’t imagine parting with mine. They are truly unique.

11. Jurassic Park Action Figures

You can get a few hundred for packaged old Jurassic Park action figures these days. It seems since Jurassic World came out people have been becoming more and more obsessed with the classics. Isn’t that intense?

12. Teddy Ruxpin

Teddy Ruxpin is going for about five hundred bucks these days. This animatronic bear was loved by many so they’re not something you see often in good condition. They have to be in great condition before you can get anything for them but if you took care of your toys you might be able to make a quick buck.

13. Lego Trains


While legos, in general, go for a good bit lego trains are where all the money is. If you have a lego train you could get anywhere from two hundred to five hundred bucks for it. That being said, it needs to be in the box still.

14. Hit Clips

Some hit clips go for more than other but currently, they’re going for from forty bucks to two hundred bucks. Yes, something that insignificant is gaining that much value.

15. Original Copies of Harry Potter Books

First editions of Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone are going for quite a bit these days. Because of a text flaw and having been signed the first 500 are very hard to come by. If you have one from the first 500 you could be looking at fifteen thousand but if you just have a first edition, you could still get a few hundred.

16. Original Tamagotchi’s

While not as valuable now since the comeback original Tamagotchis are still going for anywhere from 30-200 bucks depending on which ones you have. If you have a rare one, you could make a quick couple hundred bucks. Easy money, right?

17. Strawberry Shortcake Dolls

We’ve known for quite some time that old SS dolls were gaining value but lord they’re getting on up there.  You could get a few hundred or over one thousand if you’re lucky. Perhaps you’re on of the few with a full set still lying around?

18. First Edition ‘Where The Wild Things Are’

First edition ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ seem to be going for about twenty-five thousand these days as well. They are signed and if in good condition should be placed on the market. The better care that you take of things like this the more they’re worth.

19. G.I. Joe Action Figures

Depending on how old your figure is and what year it’s from you could be looking at thousands of dollars or a few hundred. We’ve seen GI Joe’s from the 60s posted for upwards of 300-600 dollars.

20. Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Depending on the condition of your cards, how old they are, and which cards they are you could be looking at anywhere from a few bucks each to over a thousand bucks for just one card. While they might not seem like much they are worth a lot more than you’d assume.

21. Spider-Man Comics

Original from the Spiderman comic series are going for a pretty penny. You could get a few hundred or several thousand depending on the condition. Cashing in your old comics might prove very worth it.

22. Vintage ‘Star Wars’ Action Figures

Luke Skywalker Action Figures are currently going for about twenty-five thousand. Some other figures are also going for quite a bit. The more you have the more you can get for them.

23. Garbage Pail Kids’ Cards

Some Garbage Pail Kids’ cards go for anywhere from a few hundred to over four thousand. It just depends on which cards you have. Perhaps you should go looking through yours and see if any might be worth getting rid of.

24. The Original Monopoly


Original Monopoly goes for a lot these days as well. Even vintage versions go for thousands. The older the more you can get for it. That being said you do have to find a buyer.

25. Action Comics No. 1

In perfect condition, one of these bad boys went online for a fortune. It sold for almost one million dollars and changed someone’s life for sure. Yes, please go check your storage units!

Even happy meal toys these days can be worth a lot. To see which of those are worth looking for check out the video below. Isn’t it interesting how things sometimes go up in value?