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When it comes to love a lot of people seem to be caught up in looks and a person’s figure. That’s not all a person has to offer and if you’re just falling in love with their bodies then you’re not actually falling in love.

Falling in love is more than just liking someone’s appearance if you’re truly falling in love with someone you’re falling in love with their soul above all else. The soul is the one thing that will travel into the next world, that body, in the end, will mean nothing and even now shouldn’t be your main focus. When you fall for someone based on their looks, those looks fade and the person you’re left with isn’t someone who resonates with you properly but when you fall for someone based on their soul you’ve gained a connection that will last until the end of time.

Always go the extra mile to look inside of the people around you. Don’t focus on the outside, if the inside and the outside don’t match things with them will never work. The most beautiful outside could have the darkest ugliest inside and that in itself would ruin the outside entirely and you need to remember that. Looks are only skin deep and that’s not very deep at all.

Sure, the shell a person you love is locked within might be arousing and you might enjoy it but that shell isn’t all that makes up the person you love. The person you love is energy and is someone that even without that shell you would still love. If you are able to look into a person’s eyes and see into their soul all the while retaining that true raw emotion, you’ve found the one.

The world is full of beautiful souls and I doubt you’ll have much trouble finding one if you’re truly aware of what you’re looking for. Instead of obsessing over someone’s hair, skin, and other things of the sort start looking at the things they do and the things they enjoy. Figure out what their soul is all about and move from there. When you fall for a soul you fall into a connection that cannot be fought and it is one of the most mind-blowing things a person could ever experience.

I am personally very blessed to have found a soul that I love very deeply but also a body that matches that soul well. However, with or without that body I would love the soul within it ten thousand times over. Have you been fortunate enough to find a love like that or are you perhaps still looking? Souls are so much more than what we tend to think of them as, while here on Earth we are limited to these bodies that is not the case when we cross over. True love can only be found on a soul level.