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While it might not seem like it right now you have a path in this world to travel down. Just because you do not yet know your purpose in this world does not mean you are lacking one.

The more you work to break the mold this world has placed you in the more you will find yourself. Putting yourself out there and getting to know who you truly are will help you reconnect with your higher being. Your time will come and when it does you will know what it is you need to do in this life.

If you’re becoming more creative and living a bit chaotically don’t assume the two will counteract one another. As you progress in life these two things will come in handy within their own ways. The more compassion you have for others and the more inspiration you find around you the deeper your purpose is.

You were most likely placed here on this Earth to help others and those who need your help will present themselves in time. If right now you’re feeling discouraged do your best to find joy in the smaller things. You in each day hold more purpose than you might realize. Even a passing smile to a stranger could change the way they see the rest of their day.

As you move through your journey in this life you will begin to learn more and more about who you are and why you’re here. You will discover parts of yourself that you never thought existed and through soul-searching really come to terms with not only your past but your future as well. Regardless of your religious beliefs, there are things you’re meant to do in this life that cannot be avoided.

Sometimes our path will lead us to a rocky point but that rocky point should be seen as a sign that you’re moving in the direction you need to be. Nothing that is worthwhile comes easily. We all must work hard to achieve all that we want to in life.

If you’re really struggling right now please take the time to check out the video below. Reassure yourself each day and make sure you’re putting as much effort into yourself as you are others. You will as the years pass come to understand what matters the most to you and where you need to place your heart.

Whatever you are most passionate about you should chase freely. Do not let other people decide for you where you need to be in this world. Set your own stage and make things work for you as you see fit. The Universe has a lot in mind for you and you will end up where you need to be once all is said and done.

Trust yourself, you will truly see who you are in time.