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If you can wake up next to the person you love each day, you are very lucky. Not everyone gets this luxury and many are torn apart inside as a result. 

Being able to spend your time intimately with someone you love not only helps you grow as a person it also creates a positive environment for you overall. Relationships when healthy and proper functioning can and will bring so much enhancement to the lives of those within them. Below I am going to go over some benefits of being close with your partner. Be thankful for the person you care the most about, he or she is more important than you might sometimes realize.

8 Ways Waking Up Beside Someone You Love Benefits You:

1. You aren’t as anxious when you have your partner beside you to help calm you down.

When you are sleeping next to and waking up beside someone who loves you, they’re going to help you calm down when you’re tossing and turning. They are going to be there for you when you’re upset. You can count on them to help you get a good night’s rest.

2. It gives you a little time to catch up, especially when you both have hectic schedules.

If you and your partner both have hectic schedules the short period before bed and when you first wake up might be all you get together some days. You are able to spend a little time together and love one another properly. Sure, this might not sound like much to some but to those who live this truth it is the world.

3. It helps your body to release more dopamine and serotonin. 

When we are physically touching someone as we would be cuddling in bed we are triggering the release of dopamine and serotonin according to Women’s Health Magazine. These two things are known as ‘happy chemicals’ and they make us overall much more positive in our moods.

4. It makes you feel closer to your partner and can improve your relationship.

If you and your partner wake up together each day you begin to feel closer. You are able to really connect in a deeper way. This kind of thing, yes something so small, can truly help your relationship to flourish.

5. It helps you to start your day in a good mood.

When you wake up beside someone you love it helps you get out of bed on the right foot. You start things off in a good mood and tend to wake up more rested. I for one love waking up beside my partner.

6. You might be reducing inflammation within your body.

 While it might not always seem like it according to the University of Pittsburgh sleeping next to someone reduces cortisol levels. This through the chain reactions it triggers also reduces cytokines which have a lot to do with inflammation. When we reduce these we also reduce inflammation within our bodies and thus are able to fight pain on a more proper level.

7. Most of us tend to sleep better when we have someone beside us.

Sure, some people don’t like to sleep beside other people but most of us love it. This makes us feel more content and secure. We’re able to roll over and snuggle when we wake from a bad dream or other things of the sort.

8. Cuddling overall makes us feel more comforted.

Cuddling is a huge means of improving the way you feel. When you’re wrapped in the arms of someone who truly cares for you, nothing else compares. You know exactly what I mean if you’re in a proper functioning relationship.