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While you might not realize it, you deserve a relationship that leaves you feeling on top of the world. You don’t need to waste your time loving someone who refuses to love you back.

Sure, we all go through ups and downs with our partners but if you’re with someone who refuses to see your worth, they don’t deserve a place in your life. You are a kind caring person and you should have someone in your life who is willing to be there by your side through whatever this world throws your way. Someone who sees you for who you are and accepts you with open arms.

You don’t need to keep giving chances to someone who jumps ship when things get hard. Finding someone who is willing to remain positive through the worst parts of life is not as complicated as you might think it is. While it might take a little time to find the right kind of lover, you owe it to yourself to not settle for anything less than what you offer forth in this world.

You are worthy of love and you deserve someone who will make you feel like you’re the only person who matters. Someone that makes you aware of how important you are that cares about you to the point where he or she is making efforts to improve your life and connection with one another as a whole. Unconditional love exists and is out there if you’re willing to take the time to look for it.

You should never let anyone put you last in their life. Either you’re important or you’re not, there isn’t much room for anything in-between. You need to know that you are not too much and that life isn’t always as bad as we make it out to be. Love is not actually that complicated, as hard to swallow as that may seem. The only true sense of complication comes from loving someone who is unable to love you back.

When you find yourself with someone who is putting the same efforts forth that you are, everything changes. You feel like you’re being cared for and you know that you’re not being taken advantage of anymore. You deserve so much more than what you settle for and the sooner you realize that the better.

You can find the kind of love that we only see on the big screen if you’re willing to take the initiative to find it. Don’t let other people walk all over you and make sure you’re the one who is in charge of your life. When someone actually cares for you they will make it known if you have to question things you should already be aware of the situation as a whole. When someone truly knows your value you will not have to question it, period.

If you know your worth and work on yourself before anything else you will be more capable of showing that to someone else before getting into something that could potentially be toxic. For more on this topic please check out the video below.


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