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If you have ever wanted to get married or have a party of some kind in an almost unreal magical looking castle, now is your chance. A mind-blowing castle in Italy is currently being leased for use for right at $100 bucks and could be the getaway of a lifetime.

This castle is known as Roccascalegna Castle and it is in Abruzzo, Italy. Many refer to it as the castle in the sky and once you see it, you will truly understand why. Basically, Roccascalegna is itself a small village within Abruzzo. The village is quite remote as you have to walk to get to it and there is a staircase leading from the village to the tower of the castle itself that most would be more than out of breath trying to get up.

This town is not one that many realize exists and so the population there is dwindling. Mayor Domenico Giangiordano actually believes using the recently refurbished castle in this way will liven things up and bring life back to the small area. The venue has its own chapel, a tower, an old dungeon, a torture room, and plenty of areas for candlelit dinners as well as just about anything you could think of. CNN recently did a report on the castle and all that it could hold for those who are interested in making memories there and it truly does seem like a wonderful place to visit.

Diangiordano told CNN Travel as follows in regards to how cheap it is to rent this castle for events:

“It’s a real low fee, practically a tip”.

“Our goal isn’t to raise cash but to use this unique setting to revamp the local economy by luring elite clientele who loves tiny, offbeat spots.”

“The castle, abandoned for ages, was a ruin where sheep and dogs slept.”

“Look at it now — It’s a gem.”

Renting this marvelous castle allows you access to around 7,500-square-foot of mystery and marvel. While the castle isn’t quite able to accommodate for overnight guests it is surrounded by quite a few bed and breakfast locations. If you might be interested in having some kind of get-together at the castle click here to make your reservations. To learn more about the castle please take a peek at the video below, it seems to be surrounded by legends and some even say it could be haunted.

(Image Via: Daniele Galati/Facebook)