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This pandemic has been rough for everyone and lots of people have either become ill or lost their lives and with that, we’ve all been urged to wear masks to help keep spread down, even now. While not everyone likes wearing face masks, honestly some of them are so cool looking I’d wear them even if there wasn’t a pandemic going on. 

If you’re bored with normal fabric masks and want to mix things up, you could even soon order a mask with ‘your’ face on it. Yes, there is someone making masks with faces on them and those faces come in many different styles and skin tones. Honestly, if you love all things creepy, these masks may be exactly what you’re looking for. 

These specific masks are made by @Selfiemasks on Instagram whose website name is These masks are coming soon and if you want one of your own you can join the waitlist by clicking here. I know, waiting might not sound like something everyone is into but these masks seem well worth it. While your basic fabric masks will do, for now, these actual ‘face’ masks are truly something else. 

The maker of these masks is Danielle Baskin who happens to be an artist that lives in California. She has created other interesting things before and is even the co-creator of the voice-chat app Dialup. As you can see below, these interesting face covers are extremely realistic. Honestly, from a distance, I doubt I would be able to tell if someone was wearing one or not. 

These face masks are so unique and can be made to replicate our faces in such a manner that they are said to even work with our phone’s facial ID sensors. This in itself is a game-changer for when we use those and still have to be out and about in public. Sure, a lot of places are not requiring masks in public anymore but there are still tons of places that are and we should still be wearing them in efforts to prevent any kind of spike in cases. 


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Wearing my second face. #maskalike #selfiemask

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Would you wear a mask that looked like your face? I for one have already hit the waitlist myself. I can’t wait to have some masks that look like me.