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We’re able to see quite a few different celestial bodies this week and not only is Venus visible but so are several other planets. If you have a telescope perhaps now is a good time to get it out. 

In the night sky this week you should be able to see Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury. That being is you’re looking close enough. Sure, the moon will also be present but it’s always there. Now, if you want to know where to look to see these celestial bodies click here. On that page, you can add in your location and from there the website will help you figure out where each planet will be. 

While this article is about these celestial bodies, it’s not necessarily about viewing them. Sure, you’re welcome to take a peek if you want but all of these planets being together in this sense brings forth energy shifting that we need to be aware of. Right now Mercury is retrograding in Cancer, Venus is in Gemini, Mars is in Aries, Jupiter is retrograding in Capricorn, and Saturn is retrograding in Capricorn.

While there are other celestial energies present like Neptune’s retrograde and Pluto’s retrograde, this week those five planets named above will be the most influential. Now that Venus is direct we will be feeling more normal than usual. Our relationships will begin to recover and things will die down a lot but that doesn’t mean we should let our guards down. 

As this shift is happening some of us may be on edge more than others. Right now we should all be focusing on communication and making sure others are hearing us out properly. Sure, we may want to be getting things done right now but that’s not necessarily possible with how the world is right now. Just do your best and take pride in the small things. 

Right now you’re going to want to focus on the people who matter the most to you. This week is going to be quite confusing but in a good way. The more you challenge the things you’re facing the more progress you will make. Don’t let these energies get the best of you, remember that everything happens for a reason in this world. 

If you’re feeling thrown off or as if things are going wrong don’t be discouraged. Your time will come. Don’t be afraid to ground yourself out if these energies are too intense for you. Let old wounds heal and ride the waves this shifting brings forth.