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While you might not be aware of this, railbikes are interesting two-person pedal-powered vehicles that sit on ‘train tracks.’ They might not look like much but once you’re on one, you will quickly understand just how special they are and how much they enhance your experiences.

Sure, the Redwood forest itself is already amazing and worth checking out but these railbikes make the experience even more amazing. You see, with railbikes you can experience the ‘Skunk Train’ Redwood Route properly. Since the tracks are already present, why not put them to good use? I know, it might sound odd and some people might find it a bit tiring but honestly, it’s an amazing concept.

Healthy Travel Mom wrote as follows on these railbikes on her website:

Railbike riders depart in a small group, with a trained guide leading the way along the track. Since the track is owned and operated exclusively by the Skunk Train, they guarantee no trains or other traffic along the route. It is 100% safe from trains! The guide is there to help out should anything come up, but these bikes are incredibly easy to ride – perfect for all ages and skill levels.

The bikes even come with an electric assist – ideal for taking a relaxing breather while still moving along the track, or for a little bit of extra oomph while you make your way up the gentle grade on the return trip.

The seven-mile trip isn’t too tiring, so the electric motor probably won’t be necessary for most people unless you have young kids – but it can certainly provide a nice break along the way.

Now, if that doesn’t sound perfect I don’t know what does. As someone who loves nature and history, this is a great way I find to seemingly combine the two. While one bike will set you back about 250 USD it seems quite worth it since there is room for two on each bike.

SkunkTrain’s website wrote as follows on these bikes:

Sit back, breathe deep, and discover an entirely new way to explore California.

Electric-powered and virtually silent, our custom-built, two-person railbikes will take you breezing along the world-famous Redwood Route. Your group will wend its way along scenic Pudding Creek, cross over majestic wooden trestle bridges, and journey into the heart of the ancient redwoods of Mendocino County.

Peddling along our historic tracks, bathed in dappled sunlight and a light breeze, you’ll experience a new freedom on the rails, unlike anything else. Without the need to steer, you’re unbound, able to look around at the wonder of this untouched stretch of the natural world, spotting blue herons, osprey, an occasional lounging turtle, perhaps a playful river otter, a deer munching on the foliage, and during peak berry season maybe even a bear.

Disembark at Glen Blair Junction to enjoy a picnic or to journey on foot deeper into the redwoods to walk amongst some giants on our loop trail, past blossoming wild iris and trillium and over the iconic arched stone bridge. Renewed and recharged, you’ll bike back to the depot at Fort Bragg, with photos and memories to last a lifetime.

All our Railbikes Explorer Packages include fare for two people on a side-by-side railbike, with a certified guide leading you on the historic Skunk railroad from the coast to Glen Blair Junction, with a stopover at Glen Blair Junction, which features picnic tables and a redwood loop trail (with both casual and intermediate difficulty options).

As you can see in the photographs below, the view you get from these bikes is truly something else. It’s quite mesmerizing and there is so much to stop and gander at. I for one would spend quite a lot of time going through this vast forest, that’s for sure.


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Have you ever visited this mind-blowing location and if so did you try out the railbikes? I don’t think I could visit without giving them a go. Aren’t they fantastic?