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The law of attraction works in mysterious ways.  Oftentimes, when we fail with the law of attraction it is because we aren’t putting our all into it.

Manifesting is not a simple task. It is something that requires more work than most people are willing to put in. You can’t just want something, you have to use your own personal energy paired with that of the universe and your actual efforts to make it happen. If we put a tiny amount of energy into manifesting something huge, it just won’t happen.

Below I am going to go over the things you need to make sure you are doing when it comes to actually manifesting things in your life. If you aren’t doing these things, that could be why nothing is happening how you wish it would. You have to put your all into the things you want to see in your life, you can’t spend all your time stuck in a rut.

While everyone is different and working with your energy is not going to always be as easy to master for everyone it is something that with time everyone can accomplish. The universe will always be ready and willing to provide you with what you need if you know how to ask for it. Just be ready and see where these things take you.

9 Tips For Manifesting Things In Your Life Through The Power of The Universe:

1. Be as grateful as you can be.

Don’t take the things you already have for granted. We must always appreciate the things we have or have had. Sure, you might not be in the best place right now but you still have what you need and are alive.

2. Make sure you have a positive personal energy.

Make sure that you are not allowing negative energies or thoughts to hold power over you. Create a place of positivity within yourself. The way you think and the overall vibration you send out into this world matters.

3. Be very clear about your intentions.

Don’t be open and iffy about what you’re intending to manifest. Be clear and direct. If you don’t know what you want how do you expect to get it?

4. Call on the universe for help.

Do not be afraid to sit down and actually talk with the universe. Ask it to help you and to manifest these things for you with the help of your own personal energy. If you never take the time to acknowledge the universe why would the universe manifest anything for you in the first place?

5. Let go, do not obsess over this manifestation.

While you do need to keep working towards things and reminding yourself of your affirmation you don’t need to be on edge and waiting for it every step of the way. Doing that will block the process itself and cause you to be setback. Relax and trust in the universe with all you have to offer.

6. Set goals towards this that can be accomplished.

Don’t go through and set tons of goals but do point out a few important ones. This will help you to identify when this whole manifestation thing is working and how long it’s taking you to get where you want to be. Writing things out and really delving into them will help bring them more power.

7. Continue to remove negativity from your life.

As time passes negative people and things will come your way. Do not let them find a place in your life. Keep them moving out just as fast as they moved in. Do not give them power, anything they draw from you takes away from this manifestation process.

8. Connect with your desires.

Think about what it might be like when the things you’re working to manifest arrive. Put feeling and emotion into this. The more you do this the more of a response you will gain from the universe. The universe responds to energy.

9. Break down any blocks that are holding you back.

If anything is keeping you from what it is that you are working to manifest go ahead and begin overcoming that. While you might not be able to get very far on your own your efforts will be rewarded. The universe will respond to you and help you through if it is what you truly wish for.

Image via Maia Brasil Records