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We all have friends that we hold dear to our heart. When it comes to ‘best friends,’ you probably already know how your friendship developed gradually throughout the time you have known them. 

Best friends are people you can count on. They are people who will be there for you through anything this life throws your way. They take care of us and we take care of them. Even when romantic partners come and go, they stick with us.

Becoming Best Friends In 14 Stages:

Stage 1: The Beginning

This is when you have only just met and are deciding if you even like one another enough to be friends. This stage sometimes lasts awhile and sometimes not long at all. It just depends on the person.

Stage 2: Goody Two Shoes

This is the phase where everyone is nice and friendly. You’ve decided to be buddies but are still on the fence about one another. You just don’t know much about one another but a connection is there.

Stage 3: Hanging Out

This is the stage where you’re hanging out 24/7. You spend a lot of time together and are hardly ever apart. You are inseparable and have so much in common.

Stage 4: Getting to Know Each Other

This is the stage in which you’re still learning about one another. You’re getting to know the other person and all the details of his or her life. You might not share all your secrets at this point but you share a lot.

Stage 5: ‘Practically’ A Couple

This is the phase of your friendship where you’re stuck to one another like glue and very clingy towards one another. You are almost like a couple but without the lovey-dovey stuff. Everyone knows you two go hand in hand.

Stage 6: Being Blunt

This is the part of your friendship where you both begin opening up more. You are blunter and not afraid to speak your minds. You are willing to really say things that need to be said.

Stage 7: Emotional Support

When you get to this point you are both being emotionally open to one another. Perhaps one or both of you have gone through some serious relationship shit or something of the sort. You are there for each other emotionally.

Stage 8: Trying Times

This phase of your friendship is going to be really trying for the both of you. It is going to be as if life is pulling the two of you apart. You might even have to part ways for a moment.

Stage 9: The Psycho Side

This is when something happens and one of the two of you have to really show a side that the other has never seen before. This might come out in a number of ways but really allows you to get closer in a seemingly fucked up kind of way. If you’ve had a friendship make it to this stage, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Stage 10: Comfortable and Secure

This is the stage where you really realize how far you have come with one another. You are able to really move forward in a unified manner. It’s like nothing can stop the two of you. You have both proved your loyalty to one another.

Stage 11: Extreme Openness

This is the phase where everything goes. You are both so open that you’re almost one person. You don’t really keep much if anything from one another.

Stage 12: Private Detective

This is the stage that could come sooner than some of the others or way after, just depends on the friendship. You both come together to really creep on someone else to figure out the ‘tea.’ Getting to the root of things is a lot easier when you have your bestie by your side.

Stage 13: Hoe Activities

This stage can sometimes also come way before the rest but it doesn’t always. In this phase, you and your friend hype one another up and get all kinds of out there. It’s like you feed into one another’s energies.

Stage 14: True Besties

Once you have made it through all of the other stages you are one hundred percent true besties. You are exactly where you need to be with each other. You have defied all the odds and stuck together.