When we think of Salem Massachusetts a time when people were prosecuted for potentially being witches comes to mind. This city in itself has a very spooky past which made it the perfect place to house it’s newest ‘attraction.’

The city is now the home of the world’s largest ouija board. This massive ouija board is over 3,000 square feet and comes with a big planchette for all your spirit summoning needs. This interesting board was created by Rick ‘Ormoritis’ Schreck who happens to be a tattoo artist as well as a member of the Talking Board Historical Society. The board officially went on display in Salem just days ago and has many in awe.

The board itself is said to weigh around nine thousand pounds and the planchette about four hundred. The board has been dubbed’OuijaZilla’ and many people online are going nuts over it. This board is quite eerie overall but also a marvelous sight. It was styled traditionally and took Rick hundreds of hours to create.

The TBHS website says as follows in regards to OuijaZilla:

The Talking Board Historical Society, a non-profit group dedicated to researching, preserving and celebrating the history of talking boards, announces the unveiling of the World’s Largest Ouija Board, aptly named Ouijazilla.

On October 12, 2019, Rick “Ormortis” Schreck, vice president and director for the Talking Board Historical Society, unleashed the beast, crushing the current Guinness world record set on October 28, 2016, by almost two-and-a-half times the size. To put this in perspective, because “size matters”, the finished board is as longer than a brontosaurus, weighs more than a six-ton elephant, and is large enough to park five eighteen-wheelers on it!

This ‘world’s largest ouija board’ is quite at home in the town of Salem and looks as if it belongs in the spot it has been placed. This board took ninety-nine sheets of plywood to make and is covered in over twenty gallons of wood stain and paint. It is amazing just how beautiful something like this could turn out to be.

Now, in order to use this board, you have to put your whole body into it. Players maneuver the hefty planchette all while standing on the board itself. While it might seem like something many would want to avoid, it has been and surely will continue to be viral online. Would you give this interesting ‘game’ a-go? Could you imagine the ‘enormous’ spirits that could be channeled through here?

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