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Far too often we forget how connected we are in this life with one another. We’re all on our own paths but our paths are intertwined.

As we move through our paths in this world the things around us mold us into who we are and who we will be in the end. We are affected by everything we come in contact with whether we want to admit it or not. I recently came across an older poem of unknown origins and it really got me thinking about that and how the world works on a spiritual level.

Below you can read that poem for yourself but I urge you to clear your mind and come at it with an open perspective beforehand. Read between the lines and really allow the lessons this wise woman was trying to teach sink in. Even the simplest things she says can be broken down further.

“I knew a Wise Woman
And she said to me
That the river would mold me
And the wild wind would cool me
That the trickster the coyote He would fool me
That father Sun would warm me
Mother Earth would clothe me
Grandmother Moon would greet me
And of the old ways she would teach me,
Wise woman, she told me
To always walk lightly
Tread the earth ever gently
Lovingly so preciously
And take from her sparingly
She said, to share with others
What you have learned from me
Be still and breathe, ever patiently
For the web of life Has woven what is to be
But you must still choose your own path, you will see
And lastly, the wise woman said to me
To listen to the wise one that dwells within me
To walk my path in balance is too be free
More than just words
So mote it be”…

These words if allowed to sink in properly should reveal a lot. We in this world do not care for one another as much as we should. We should all be kind to one another and try our best to care for our planet as it cares for us. A lot of the lessons present in this poem have been lost in time and most of us won’t even bother to stop now to give them a chance.

We can all learn from whoever the wise woman being talked about in this poem is and that I believe is beautiful. Are you walking your path in balance or are you tearing through this planet in a blaze of fire? I for one am going to be thinking much deeper about my actions from here on out. Have you heard this poem before and if so, what kinds of emotions does it evoke within?

(If you know who the author of this poem is please share their name so that proper credit can be given as at the moment the author is ‘unknown.’)