Chances are if you spend any amount of time on social media or TikTok specifically you know about the girl who pretends to be a dog. She has for a while now been doing this but since making an Onlyfans has really been raking in the cash.

This girl’s name is Jenna Phillips and well, she’s definitely a bit odd to most people but well, has a specific audience that truly adores her. While she once had a full-time job, now she makes her money online by doing exactly what she seems to enjoy doing in her free time anyway, pretending to be a dog. According to IBTimes, she is making six figures now doing this and while some people might judge her for being a ‘puppy girl’ she seems pretty content.

Initially, this began as a means of making a bit of extra cash but as things have really taken off, Jenna now really lets her fetish take flight. According to The Mirror Jenna even when she was younger always felt ‘like a dog’ but things never went down a sexual road until she got older. Pet play might be something a lot of people do not understand in this day and age but it is a very prominent fetish scene and well, there is a market for just about anything you can think of and this is just one of those things.

The Mirror wrote as follows after speaking to Jenna on all of this:

Jenna explained: “I feel like a dog. I just want to roll around, play fetch, get head scratches, run around and play. All of that.

“I have always acted like a puppy but not in a [email protected] way at first. I used to pretend I was a puppy when I was growing up.”

“I really love praise. I love hearing ‘good girl’. It makes my heart melt every time.”

“Looking back on it now, it’s kind of always been there. I just didn’t know there was a scene, I just thought it was my personality.”

“When it comes to pet play, the majority of girls do kittens, foxes or rabbits, and the majority of puppies are men.”

“I thought about it for a long time when I first got into pet play. I feel like a dog [so that’s what I decided to be].”

After 18 months of posting ‘vanilla’ content to her OnlyFans account she started uploading k!nk!er pet play videos under the name ‘thatpuppygirl.’

This is when her account really took off.

She now charges her fans £16, $20, per month to subscribe to her uncensored OnlyFans content, where she chases after balls, walks around on a lead, and takes baths, often while naked.

She added: “There has been a big surge in my followers since I moved to doing puppy play content.”

“OnlyFans was just a hobby before but I had just been doing ‘vanilla’ stuff. I then realized there wasn’t really a market for female ‘puppies’.”

According to The Mirror, Jenna claims her revenue since opting to do this kind of thing full time has increased ‘100 times’ and well, that in itself is mind-blowing. She says she is now making ‘six-figures monthly’ and well, I guess you could say what she does now is something most could only dream of.

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