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While it might sound a bit crazy it seems using your smartphone too much can actually damage your eyes. This woman whose name has not been revealed stayed up all night on her phone and suffered big time as a result. 

This woman lives in Dongguang, China, and she lost vision in her right eye after spending the entire day/night playing an online mobile game on her phone. According to Asia One, she was playing the game called ‘King of Glory’ which is actually quite popular. While the incident occurred back in October, it is only just now making its rounds publicly.

When she went to sleep she felt fine but after waking up she noticed that she was unable to see out of her left eye according to Fox News. After going to the hospital and undergoing the necessary scans it was revealed that there were large patches of blood present on her retina itself. This was the reason why she was unable to see. Her diagnosis ended up being something known as Valsalva retinopathy which happens when we strain too much with our eyes or if we go through some kind of ‘intense health-related episode’ (for instance an asthma attack).

(Image Credit: Asian Wire)

From there the woman was given laser treatment that created a small hole in her retina that allowed the blood to drain properly thus clearing up her vision as things were making their way out. While it wasn’t an overnight recovery it didn’t take too terribly long, and she was treated quickly. She, after all, was said and done able to see once again out of her left eye.

In regards to other incidents of similar things like this happening Asian One reported as follows:

There have been reported cases around the world of patients suffering from temporary smartphone blindness after using their smartphone while in bed and with the lights switched off. 

Also known as transient smartphone blindness, the condition occurs when one eye is adjusted to the brightness of the smartphone display, while the other stays accustomed to darkness, according to The New England Journal of Medicine.

In August last year, a 31-year-old Taiwanese woman suffered temporary vision loss in her right eye after playing Pokemon Go on her mobile phone for an extended period of time.

And in March last year, a young Chinese woman’s eyesight was badly damaged after binge-watching a Korean drama on her tablet. She was diagnosed with acute glaucoma, a condition in which the buildup of pressure in the eyes can cause a person to become blind.

What do you think about all of this? Have you ever used your phone to the point where you felt like your vision was being affected even if not as severely as noted above? I for one think that we all need to be aware of this kind of thing considering how much time most of us spend online and staring at screens in this day and age.