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If you have ever used a public bathroom, then chances are, you have used a hand dryer. But, have you ever wondered how safe and effective they truly are?

Don’t get me wrong, there are clear environmental benefits to these hand dryers but one woman decided to do an experiment on her own to see how germy hand dryers are and she took to Facebook with her results. Her name is Nichole Ward and for her experiment, she stuck a Petri dish into a Dyson Airblade and as she says ‘incubated’ it for about 48 hours. What do you think she found? Well, to be honest, the results were not what one would call surprising in my opinion but still worth noting.

She says that the dish was only in the hand dryer for a total of about 3 minutes and that the things she found after incubation were ‘possible pathogenic fungi and bacteria that you are swirling around your hands.’\

Now for anyone who may not be able to see the post you can click here or read below:

“***Alright, Alright, Alright… now I think is a perfect time to tell you a few things. As Y’all know how viral this post has gone, I personally want to thank you for the overwhelming feedback and gratitude I received for spreading this awareness for better hygiene–or lack thereof. I, of course, received some negativity along the way, as we live in a very cynical and argumentative world today, it is what it is…

**However, I would love to share some positivity with you that I think everyone and anyone can not only relate to but also appreciate.

**As my Petri dish so profoundly exhibited, the nasty spores that are all around us, wouldn’t it be nice to know that YOU can control the cleanliness of all the products you use for yourself and family–I’m talking about Household care (from the kitchen to the laundry room), Skin, Hair, Body, Oral, etc.

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Ok guys… ready to have your mind blown?!
This here, Is what grew in a Petri dish after just a few days. I stuck the open plate in an enclosed hand dryer of a public bathroom for a total of 3 minutes. Yes, 3 only. DO NOT EVER dry your hands in those things again. This is the several strains of possible pathogenic fungi and bacteria that you’re swirling around your hands, and you think you’re walking out with clean hands. You’re welcome. This post is simply for awareness, not to instill fear.
#nomorehanddryers #outlaw #spreadthenews”

Nichole Ward/Facebook


While I do not agree that the hand dryers should be outlawed as they serve a very important purpose, I do believe they should be cleaned on a deeper level. That being said, her post has been shared almost 600,000 times and is making its rounds online big time. While the photo can be a bit alarming for some, it is important to note that she only did this to ONE hand dryer. More research would need to be done for this to be considered a real issue.