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In a world of ever-increasing stress, more and more people are minimizing their lives and downsizing. One of the many ways people are doing this is by going off-grid into tiny houses, and honestly, we are here for it!

What if I told you that you could save money, live simply, and relax from the constant stress of the world? Well, Rosie is doing just that. Located in Coromandel, New Zealand, Rosie has built her tiny dream home. And the view is even better than you would ever expect.

During the time that Rosie was searching for a plot of land, she came across a beautiful tiny home and immediately fell in love. Not long after finding the plot, she sold her current property and began building her tiny home.

Her main goal was to be close to nature and to simplify her life, and she accomplished both of these goals. After doing some research, she discovered the idea of shipping container homes and found out how strong they are for a home.

This particular home has 12 solar panels and a 4-kilowatt system, with two 25-thousand liter tanks. And she even has her compost. The foundation of her home was created using five 20-foot shipping containers.

And while the idea of the home was enough to make me drool over the idea, so is her decor. Everything is so cozy, and she even named her home Ahrewa, or sacred space.

Included in her home’s layout are a fully functional kitchen, a personal library, a bathroom, and the bedroom suite, which is completed with panoramic views.

“Making a space of my own has been a really interesting journey because I’ve planned this house years ago and it’s been a really lovely way for me to put myself into the house,”  she says.

Be sure to check out the video below, I am sure you will be just as enchanted as I was.