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While in this day and age sewing isn’t something everyone does, for those who still enjoy it patterns really come in handy. If you’re someone who loves all things vintage these patterns might literally blow you away.

In the middle of the Summer back in 2017 archives of vintage sewing patterns became public and for some reason, people are only now realizing just how many patterns were included and how old some of them are. Over 83,500 vintage sewing patterns were put into an online database and they come everywhere from Vogue to Butterick. The amount of patterns present in this database is evergrowing and will not come to an end anytime soon.

Chances are you at least once in your life went to the fabric store with your mom or grandmother to get supplies to make something with. Growing up my grandmother made all kinds of quilts, coats, ‘nap mats’, and other things of the sort. Picking fabrics out and helping her put things together were highlights during my earliest years in childhood even now. Back then when it came to looking for a proper pattern for something you either had to come up with one yourself or physically purchase one to use. Times have drastically changed since then.

All of the patterns present in this database are from the year 1994 or before. This meaning they include looks from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Whether you’re looking for a costume to make for your children or simply wanting to try out a new ‘older’ styled look this database is a great place to dig through.

Within the patterns present on this site you will find everything from dresses, pants, bathing suits, to even your ‘high-class’ evening wear. There is something for everyone on here, that’s for sure. You can browse based on what you’re looking for or dive into patterns based on the decade they came from. Personally, the ‘seasonal’ patterns are some of my favorites but to be honest, the more you look at these patterns the more you’re going to want to get your thimble ready to pop things into gear.

The point of this database in regards to its existence is not only to share these patterns with all who want them but also to really bring forth an idea of fashion throughout the years. As time has passed so much has changed and that is quite apparent if you’ve taken the time to browse this website through. You can find your perfect cocktail dress on here or even dive into peter pan collar styled wear if you’re feeling adventurous.

To see these patterns for yourself please feel free to click here. I for one cannot wait to start making my own sleepwear and using some of these in that. While it has been quite some time since I’ve sewn anything, the hobby itself is quite rewarding and always will be. What decade was your favorite in regards to fashion itself? I think for a number of reasons the 1950s will always be my favorite.