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We are all unhappy sometimes, even the happiest people have shitty days. This is something we cannot avoid, even if we want to.

Why is it that you have everything in order and should be happy, but aren’t? Luckily, our zodiac signs can help give us a little insight when it comes to the answer to that. Take a look below to find out what the source of your sadness is.

zodiac Aries

You are not happy because you are looking for too much adventure. Sometimes in life, you need to settle down and relax. There is nothing wrong with stopping to appreciate the moment we are living in.


You are too obsessed with maintaining control over things. You need to take the time to realize that sometimes there are things you cannot change. You can’t control people and that is hard for you to swallow. Take this in stride and stop holding yourself back.


You are always suppressing your true self for the sake of those around you. You do not need the permission of those around you to do what you want to do. You are your own person and you matter.


You are overdoing things when it comes to sponging off the emotions of others. Taking on their pain is stressful and not doing you any good. Stop forcing yourself to absorb the negative energies of those around you.


You aim too high, set your expectations a bit lower. Try to find happiness in something other than success. You are much more than your career.


You are letting others rely on you too much and it is taking a lot out of you. Give yourself a chance to be free. Stop being the shoulder to lean on.


You need to stop being so overly friendly and outgoing. Sometimes relaxing is needed. Just be yourself, you don’t always need to impress those around you.


You are putting too much pressure on yourself. You need to fail in order to grow, stop being so hard on yourself and making things worse. You are doing just fine, remember that.


You want more than what you have and it eats you up inside. This is normal but you ignore it to the point where it is a big issue. You will be a lot happier if you stop trying to make yourself into this mold of a person that society has laid out for you.


Do things that inspire you and stop putting so much pressure on making sure you are doing what you have to. You will get everything done when it needs to be done, quit stressing.


You need to get out there and do more things that make you feel accomplished. Just because you have a job and bills to pay doesn’t mean you should give up on your dreams, go for them!


Stop letting the people around you make all your decisions. You are perfectly capable of making them yourself. Doing what everyone else wants you to do will not make you happy.

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