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We all have our ups and downs and chances are you struggle with self-love quite often but not without reason.

Self-love is not something many can master. It is something we all have to work at each day. The more you work towards it the closer you will get to achieving it. Below I am going to go over some of the things that might be holding you back in regards based on your zodiac sign.


Your standards are too high. You struggle to love yourself because you are never good enough in your own mind. No matter how hard you work or what you end up with it isn’t enough. You are always sizing yourself down.


You struggle with self-love because you rely too heavily on relationships. When you are single you feel even worse about yourself than you normally would. This is because you put too much into being with someone. You give your relationships literally everything and not in a good way.


You struggle to love yourself because you have a distorted self-image. You don’t see yourself the way you really are. For some reason, your mind only looks at the bad things and refuses to focus on the good. There is so much good, you just cannot see it.


You struggle with self-love because you give too much. You give so much to others that there is not much left for yourself. You give to those who do not deserve and waste a lot of time and energy on people who do not care about you. This needs to change.


You struggle to love yourself because you seek affection from others. You only feel good when others are building you up. If you are alone and to yourself, the weaknesses will begin to pour out. This is something you need to work on, relying more on yourself will benefit you greatly.


You struggle with self-love because you are far too critical of yourself. You think because you are not exactly where you want to be that you are not doing enough. The truth is any effort is worth appreciating and you have come so far. You might need to give up on being perfect and just be yourself.


You struggle with loving yourself because you allow others to take advantage of you. You let them tear you down and because of how frequent this is it sinks into the core of your being. You have begun to look at yourself as something to be chewed up and spit out and that is NOT okay.


You struggle with self-love because you don’t see what others see. Sure, the Scorpio is charming and seductive but they don’t see these things in themselves. When the Scorpio looks at his or herself, the things that come to mind are much more modest and weak. They are not capable of getting themselves on a deeper level.


You struggle to love yourself because you run instead of facing your problems. You chase after everything and are never truly satisfied with the world around you. You don’t stop to appreciate all you have but are constantly searching for more. You don’t really know what you want in this life and will never be able to find it if that is the case.


You struggle with self-love because you strive for perfection and perfection does not exist. The more you try to be perfect the harder you will fall. Sometimes you just have to understand that your faults make you who you are.


You struggle to love yourself because you want to fit in so badly but don’t. You try so hard to be the perfect little puppet that fits within the box society pushes on everyone but you just cannot be that. You are too creative and too unique. While you see this as a bad thing most others do not.


You struggle with self-love because you don’t think you deserve any kind of love. You are too hard on yourself emotionally. You feel like you should be making so many changes in this world but the truth is you are just one person and you cannot do it all.

(Image Via: Pixabay)