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We all do it, right? Crossing your legs is something even some of us are taught to do from a young age.

According to Orlando Health, crossing your legs when you sit is not good for your circulation overall. It can cause vein inflammation for some and could actually even be increasing our risks of developing blood clots. I know, this might sound a bit out there, but perhaps it’s something we need to keep in mind. 

Healthline wrote as follows in a medically reviewed article going over crossing legs and how rough it actually can be:

How do you like to sit when you’re at the office? How about the dinner table? The bus? Many people are most comfortable sitting with one leg crossed over the other. Sure, your foot may go numb from time to time, but it’s comfortable and it works for you. But is it doing you more harm than good?

People have long believed that crossing your legs while sitting is bad for you. It’s said to cause varicose veins, birth complications for pregnant women, and high blood pressure. Keep reading to learn what science says about each of these claims.

Now, from there Healthline went on to go over how sitting with your legs crossed while pregnant could contribute to ankle swelling and even went over how it could potentially be causing spikes in blood pressure on a temporary level. These are things we should not be overlooking. 

Don’t get me wrong, sitting with your legs crossed might not cause discomfort to everyone and not everyone is going to face the negatives it can bring but those who do might not even realize that this is happening as a result of the way they’re sitting. Sitting any specific way for too long or too often can have negatives and the more aware we are of that, the better. We should realistically be changing the positions we sit in frequently. 

To learn more about this take a look at the video below. Again, it might not sound like much, but this could be serious for some. How do you sit and do you think it’s making a difference in your life as a whole? Perhaps we’re going about things in the wrong ways?