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Our youth is a special time, one that in many ways felt magical, all the while being in a constant state of chaos. During those years, we destroyed ourselves, lost ourselves, and found ourselves again, many times over.

Friendships that took place when we were young and unafraid to be vulnerable simply hit differently. These friendships were more akin to love affairs than adult friendships. The feelings we held for our friends back then came on strong and intensely. As soon as we met a kindred spirit, it was like everything in the world clicked together. Many of us spent years trying to find the one (a best friend who stood above the rest.) So, when that person finally came along, it felt like you had hit the lottery.

Unfortunately, as we grew into our roles as adults, we lost a part of ourselves and along the way, our friendships changed. All the intensity of our younger years began to melt away and we soon replaced long nights of chaos and mischief with paying bills, watching television, and doing household chores.

This change and transformation are one that is natural, but it still somewhat stings when you think about it. When you reach adulthood, you begin to forge new friendships that are calmer and less chaotic. These friends are amazing, but it will always be hard for them to compete with the very first friendships of our childhood.

Your adult friends will never really understand where you came from. They didn’t meet you when you were finding yourself, they met you when you had already found her. It is because of this, that you will always hold a special place in your heart for your friends who saw you at your most authentic and vulnerable displays.