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While it might not sound that appealing, being single is often better for those who are empaths. You see, empaths absorb the emotions of others, and that in itself can cause lots of issues within the relationships they hold closest.

Empaths like everyone else would love to find someone special to be with but oftentimes when they end up in relationships things go south quickly. This is because the empath needs more time alone than most other people and takes a lot of things to heart that he or she perhaps shouldn’t. The empath’s partner doesn’t often understand what the empath is going through and as a result, a rift between the two tends to form.

Being single is easier for the empath because when single the empath doesn’t have to worry about someone else when they come home. They can recharge and take care of themselves. They are able to take time to process the things they are feeling be it their own emotions or the emotions of others. When they are in relationships, doing this becomes complex and often their partners will worry that something is wrong when the empath is merely struggling with an emotion that might not necessarily belong to him/her.

Empaths need specific kinds of partners, they need people in their lives who see that they are different. People who are willing to give them space and allow them time to process. They aren’t too picky overall but the things they do need in life and in love are not compromisable.

If you’re an empath, please know that love is possible for you. You can find someone to be with if you truly want to but you need to make sure you have what you want and need in the relationship. If you’re not free to do the thing

s you need to do, you should not be sticking around. The work you do as an empath is confusing, I know but it is very important. Just know what you want and what you need. If you can accomplish that much when the right person comes into your life, you will know.