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Sure, narcissists are quite present in the world today, but we don’t always see them for what they are. Narcissistic people are very good at hiding their truths and that I believe is part of what makes them so scary.

When you’re being taken advantage of by a narcissist at first they come across as great people who are a pleasure to be around but as time passes things change, and they warp into this monster that is hell-bent on bringing you down. Because they are unstable, unrealistic, and overly obsessed with themselves their cracks begin to show the closer you get to them.

Narcissists regardless of how they treat others are still able to maintain a positive figure in the minds of most of the people who surround them and that is something that most people refuse to understand. Sure, they are bad people, and they are doing wrong by those who care the most for them, but they are also very charming and able to deceive on a level that changes everything.

The sides you see of the narcissist may be sides someone else never sees and it really affects how he or she is looked at by others. While those the narcissist is targeting will notice the truth, everyone else will be oblivious without proof. This can happen to you whether you’re actually dating a narcissist, just close friends with one, or if you happen to have one in your family.

Narcissists likability is off the charts and because of that, it takes time to spot them and really bring their truth to the light. Overtime the closer you are with the narcissist the more clear how unimportant you are to them but their coldness doesn’t end there. While you might question how the people around the two of you are so oblivious it’s not as complicated as you might expect.

Narcissists are good at what they do, and they know how to play others to make things fit where they need them to. They will say whatever it is the people in their lives need to hear and be sure to flatter the pants off of anyone who seems to question them.

Have you ever dealt with a narcissist in your life and if so how did things end? Did your narcissist treat you in the ways noted above and were you able to figure out his or her truth before leaving? I for one think we should all stay as far away from these kinds of people as possible.