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For those who do not know, most old souls are empaths vice versa. While it might seem a bit odd, the two ‘things’ are actually something that for the most part go hand in hand.

While empaths and old souls have a lot in common not all empaths are old souls and not all old souls are empaths, however many are and that is because most old souls have mastered something known as their emotional frequencies and emotional intelligence as a whole. Empaths are people who can take on the emotions of others as their own. Old souls tend to do this because they have experienced this world so many times over that they have faced a lot of different things. While they do not remember all of these things their energetic being identifies with them in other people.

New souls are not as empathetic towards others because they on that energetic level are not able to resonate with the people around them. They are working to better understand the environment itself and are still quite ‘new’ at everything before them. The receptiveness to empathy as a whole for old souls is more defined and properly clear. 

Empaths for those who might not know are people who can take on the emotions of others, rather than just feeling bad for someone, they feel as though they are going through that same thing themselves. This leads them to be much more willing to help the people around them and as you may know, old souls are very helpful and kind in this regard. Their frequencies are just on a different level than those of most people this planet knows.

Old souls who also happen to be empaths are some of the most useful people this world has to offer. They are able to help others and embrace their empathic side all the while maintaining themselves properly. They don’t fall victim to the overwhelmingness that usually comes with the gift of being an empath. They are so much more willing to experience this world in all it’s different ways and that truly sets them apart from everyone else. Rather than seeking lessons on the emotional grid, they are able to see them right away.

I guess what all of this means is old souls are usually empaths as well because of the way they connect with the emotions of this world. They are able to experience things in a way that no one else is. Sure, this might seem a bit confusing to most but if you’re an old soul you already understand what I am getting at.

For more on this topic please feel free to check out the video below. What do you think about this topic? I for one find it quite interesting to explore.


Photo by Marina Vitale on Unsplash