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A long time ago, I was a very insecure young woman, who needed validation from everyone for everything. During those times of my life, I felt desperate, afraid, unworthy, and more alone than I’ve ever felt; but I don’t feel that way anymore.

It took me years to find peace in myself, and many, many hardships that pushed me to hit a rock bottom that was very difficult but honestly much needed. In hitting my rock bottom, I was able to emerge reborn and build myself back from the ground up.

I went from being a desperate young woman, needing the attention and validation of everyone else for every little decision that I made, to being an empowered young woman who knows her worth. Along the way, I learned what boundaries were and about the need to protect my peace and my energy. I also developed a sense of worth.

Now instead of grappling with my self-worth and begging for the people I know and love to make important decisions for me, I know I am the one responsible for my life. Not only that, but now I understand that deep within me is a voice that was silenced for far too long. I silenced her and valued the opinions of others over my higher self for too long.

I did that for so long, that she became muffled, silenced, and to be honest, I could no longer decipher my intuition from my fearful second thoughts.

When you share important decisions or choices with others, and they doubt you, and your blessings to come, that energy manifests itself into your life. You hear their doubts and never even allow yourself the chance to prove them wrong. When in reality, you are the only one who truly understands your motives and the only one that has to walk in your shoes. Those doubts, those negative thoughts and those voices you are giving power to have no right to have that power. When you give your decisions away, you give your power away as well. And you sabotage your own life.

Now, when I make choices, I make choices based on what I want and I don’t tell a soul. I keep my choices to myself until that little voice within tells me it’s time to share them with the world. Then and only then do I share my choices, not because I feel like I should, but because I want to. And my life is so much better for it.