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When it comes to love sadly we as human beings will put up with a lot more than we should. Have you ever noticed that sometimes the best people end up with some of the worst people?

All relationships are different and of course, there are sides to them that we from the outside looking in are not going to be able to see but when you notice a friend or family member with a toxic individual who is always beating them down, it can take a serious toll on you even if you’re not the one in the relationship. It’s hard to see really good people with people who don’t have their best interests in mind and there is nothing wrong with being empathetic overall in regards.

That being said, you cannot force them out of those relationships and in the end, they have to make their own decisions about things they’re experiencing. We all end up with the people we end up with for our own reasons and for reasons the Universe itself has in mind for us. While we might not understand the connection others have with one another we should not be dismissive of it. 

I have found that in many ways we look for the things we think we’re lacking in others and for some this makes them end up with people who may end up hurting them more than they deserve. Sure, no one is perfect, and we all have our faults but you never truly know what is going on in someone else’s mind.

I remember years back when the movie ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ was something everyone was talking about and after watching, of course, the quote that most resonate with stuck with me as well. That quote was “we accept the love we think we deserve,” and in all ways possible it is true. It might be sad but it is very true. 

All of the good people I know in this world do not think as highly of themselves as they should. They struggle even more-so internally than others and while we don’t always see it, they go through a lot. We never see ourselves in the way that other people do and for most of us that holds us back. We don’t understand our true potential, and we in the end sometimes find people to love who are not as capable of loving us back.

It is in many ways human nature to find ‘negative forces’ attractive and while we might not be able to grasp that on a conscious level, our subconscious knows it deeply. The good thing is that as we move through these situations and romantic encounters we become stronger, and we learn what not to accept in love. You should keep that in mind as you see your friends and family members go through this kind of thing. Be there for support and step in if asked. 

There are plenty of good people in this world who also find good people to be with, everything will work out in the end. Plus, sometimes those ‘bad people’ aren’t as bad as we think they are. Perhaps we should also consider if we’re judging one another a bit too harshly.