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Empaths for those who may not be aware are people who can and do absorb the energies of others. They take these energies on in the forms of emotions and those emotions weigh on them heavily. 

As an empath, you must work through your gift and come to an understanding that allows you to let go of the residual emotions you face otherwise they will consume you. Sadly, most empaths are not aware of this, and they go through the motions suffering alone. Instead of clearing these energies/emotions out properly they bottle them up and present them as their own. 

A lot of empaths do not know how to handle the emotions they’re taking in from others and this makes them more susceptible to things like depression. Yes, even empaths can suffer from mental illnesses. As an empath, you likely suffer from a lot of emotional exhaustion and without knowing how to handle that, you will crumble. While you should be setting emotional boundaries you likely don’t know where to begin. 

Just because you’re an empath does not mean you should keep people in your life who are doing nothing but feeding off of you, cutting ties is perfectly alright. You don’t have to change to fit the mold someone else set out for you, just be who you are and only help those who truly deserve it and are willing to accept it. If someone is draining you, you do not have to keep helping them. 

At the end of the day, your well-being matters and you need to keep it in mind. Without being able to function properly you cannot help anyone, please keep that in mind. While you may sometimes feel bad about walking away, it is necessary in many cases. 

Now, when it comes to clearing these energies from within you must meditate more frequently. As an empath meditation is a necessity. You must meditate over the things you’re feeling so that you can decipher them for yourself. If these emotions do not belong to you from here you let them go and move forth. 

I know, this in itself is a bit confusing but if you’re an empath I am sure you’ve got the message. To learn more about this topic please check out the video below. As an empath have you ever dealt with this kind of thing? Just because you absorb it does not mean you have to carry it with you for the rest of your life.