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Have you ever wondered what you might have been like in your past lives? Perhaps tapping into one of them might help you better understand your place in this world right now.

Below I am going to go over each zodiac sign and cover what they could have been like in at least one of their previous lives based on their current sun sign. While it might not seem like much, the more you dive into the world of astrology the more you can learn about yourself and perhaps in many ways your previous selves as well. What does your sign reveal about you?

Aries – A True Leader

In a past life, you were just a work-oriented as you are now. You were a prominent leader and helped others through whatever was going on. While most people are not as willing to come to you for help in current times, your past self was quite the figurehead.

Taurus – A Teacher

As a Taurus, you are always going out of your way to make sure things are done. In the past, this was much more common for you than you might realize now. You were a teacher of sorts in a previous life, if you’re drawn to a specific subject then that very well could hold the reason why. You were always pushing your limits and went above and beyond for the people underneath you.

Gemini – A Healer

You always went out of your way to make sure that the people around you were safe and secure. This life is your chance to relax and find more growth. As a healer in the past, you still hold residual feeling from that time and this is what causes your flips in personality so frequently.

Cancer – A Magician

In one of your past lives, you were a magician of sorts. You were always making people laugh and did your best to entertain. While now you do the same, you are much more attached to those you choose to show your magical side to.

Leo – An Intellectual

In the past, you were what we would consider a very strong intellectual individual. You were far beyond your years and it still shows even now. You really stand out and you always have.

Virgo – A Researcher

In one of your lives before this one, you were a very hardworking researcher. While in this current life you are backwinding into a person very different from who you once were, you are still just as smart. You know things that no one else is capable of comprehending and that in itself is quite fascinating.

Libra – A Warrior

Sometime before this life you were a strong warrior. You went all out in protecting the life you thought you were meant to live. The people around you feared you and everyone who knew you closely thought you were one of the most powerful people around.

Scorpio – An Artist

While you’re not as artistic now in a previous life you allowed it to control everything. You would go out of your way to really put your most creative foot forward in all that you did. Perhaps you should consider giving it a go in this life.

Sagittarius – A Figurehead

In a past life, you were nothing more than a figurehead. You were not allowed to go out and live the life you wanted to live and because of that here you are as a Sag moving forth running from anything and everything you aren’t comfortable with. You’ve already experienced ‘having it all’ and you even without being able to remember, want no part in it.

Capricorn – An Environmentalist

In one of your previous lives, you were very involved in keeping the world safe. You took to nature and spent a lot of time caring for animals. While you might not have as much time for it now, you still are quite inclined in those areas.

Aquarius – A Free Thinker

You in one life or another were a very important free thinker. You questioned the norm of society and challenged the world as we know it. You might have done things in the past that most people would have never considered even possible.

Pisces – An Intuitive

You in the past were very thought inclined. You always let your mind lead the way and you always knew things you shouldn’t have been able to know. You too were very advanced for your time period and for that quite misunderstood.