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When it comes to finding yourself nothing is ever as easy as we would like for it to be. Life is hard and warps us into versions of ourselves we never thought we would or could become.

Below I am going to go over some of the best possible tips you could ever get in regards to figuring out who you truly are. While it might not be easy to come to terms with the truest version of yourself and really work with your inner light, it is necessary to move forward in this world. Positivity isn’t as easy to work with as you might think and being aware that you’re where you need to be is never as clear as it perhaps should be.

9 Tips For Finding Yourself:

1. Spend time in nature.

Nature is one of the best means of really exploring the world around you. Spending time alone with mother earth will really bring you closer to your truest form. You will realize how untrue to your soul you’ve been and how to work to change that.

2. Do not close yourself off from the energies around you.

The energies around you are always working to tell you something. That message could be positive or it could be overwhelmingly negative, it is up to you to figure it out. The more in tune you become with these energies the better you will get to know yourself.

3. Focus on those you truly love.

The people you love the most are a reflection of yourself. You are one with them in ways you are not going to ever be able to understand. Focusing more on them and the connection you have with them will benefit you drastically.

4. Find your passions.

Your passions are a huge part of who you are. Finding out what matters the most to you and enjoying the things you love to do is a very crucial part of living in this world. Being true to yourself consists of a lot of really being willing to break free from your comfort zone.

5. Stop complicating things with your mind.

Your mind is a serious hold-back in a lot of ways. If you are always setting yourself up to fail and holding yourself back chances are it’s all in your head. Letting go of that negative mindset will bring you to a new place in this world.

6. Define your present moment.

Take the time to really define the moment you’re currently in. Be present and here as things pass by. Your life is much shorter than you realize.

7. Meditate, meditate, meditate.

Meditation is a great way to soul search. The more we meditate, the more of ourselves we will find. You can uncover a lot by merely being alone with yourself.

8. Recognize the connections before you.

There are a lot of connections before you in this world. These could be energetic, physical, or even emotional. Do not allow them to merely pass you by.

9. Live for yourself and not for anyone else.

This is your life and you need to be the one living it. If you are living your life for anyone but yourself you’re not living the life you’re meant to live. Be as true to yourself as you can possibly be.