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Sure, we might not think much about our personal energy or the energies of others but these things really affect much more than you’d think. Protecting your personal energy is extremely important.

If you have never heard of white light meditation, you are in for a treat. This, in my opinion, is the best way to work to protect your own personal energy and prevent others from draining you. This is basically creating your own bubble of protection and really creating the boundaries you need energetically.

Below I am going to go over how to practice white light meditation. It will have you feeling uplifted and really help you to understand your inner light and being. It should be done each and every day before you leave the house and will allow you to go about your business without feeling like the energies around you are dragging you down.


How To Do White Light Meditation:

Sit relaxed in a place that you feel comfortable in. Make sure that you are supporting your back and that you are at ease. Focus on your breathing and really let go of everything that might be to come during the day ahead of you.

Close your eyes and envision your body as you are sitting. Using your mind’s eye picture a white light radiating from within your body. Really allow it to build as bright as it can and push it outward. Form a bubble around your body and hold it in place for a moment.

Once you have the bubble surrounding your being remind yourself that this bubble of white light will be with you throughout your day. It will protect you from the energies of others and work as a barrier so that your personal energy remains your personal energy.

From here you can stop meditating and get your day started. If you feel like you need to do this again during your day feel free to go for it. This should take very long somewhere between 5-10 minutes aside from your average meditation you may do before or after this.

This is something that will really make your life a lot more together. Have you ever tried white light meditation and did you enjoy it or notice a difference?