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While we all have our own zodiac sign most of us don’t bother to look into the rest. There are 12 signs total and a lot of us are more drawn to specific ones than we think.

A lot of the time we are drawn to signs that hold positive traits that we lack. We seek out these people without realizing it because they have what we want and in being around them we promote balance. That being said, sometimes we are drawn to signs that have a lot in common with us. This kind of thing can be tricky but it’s not as complicated as it might sound.

You see if you’re an Aries you might be drawn to Leos because they have a lot in common with you. Both of you are hard workers and while you don’t care as much about the spotlight, it is still always on you. However, you might also be drawn to Libra’s as they balance you out in ways other signs cannot. Libras would in this aspect bring out the best in you.

If you’ve ever wondered what zodiac signs you were drawn to the most, you should take the quiz below. While it might not seem like much this quiz will make you aware of something you’ve been needing to know. The more you know about yourself and what you look for in others the more positive your life will be. You will be able to understand why you seem to like the people you like and possible why you cannot stand some of the others.

Before taking this quiz give yourself a moment to guess which sign you think you might be drawn to the most. You might be spot on but then again, you might find that the sign you’re drawn to the most is an unexpected one. The stars are quite strange and they work in mysterious ways.