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While we are all already associated with a specific element depending on our zodiac sign, that does not mean it is the only element we can resonate with. We are all attracted to the things that reflect who we are within and as a result, looking into the element you feel you resonate with the most might help you in moving forth.

For instance, if you’re more drawn to the Earth element you’re likely someone who cares deeply about others and always wants to do what’s right. Below I am going to break down all four elements and what they could reveal about each of us. Before moving on though take a moment to think about what element you’re most drawn to. Are you captivated by fire, overwhelmed by air, thriving off of Earth, or perhaps even walking through water?

Fire Element

If you find yourself most drawn to the fire element you are most likely someone who tends to get ahead of his or herself. You don’t think things through as well as you should and it often bites you in the rear end. You have a lot going on and are not sure how to work through all of that.

If this sounds like you, lighting a candle and spending some of your time meditating over it might benefit you greatly. In doing this you are able to calm the flames within. I know, it sounds odd but it’s something we’re all capable of and it might make a big difference for you.

Earth Element

If you feel you are most attracted to the Earth element there is probably something driving you within. You are often caring for others and for some reason rarely ever yourself. You love to give and hate to take.

If you want to work through some of the negatives this holds you should try to use the Earth to your advantage. Grounding is one of the best ways to do this, through grounding you can heal yourself and work to protect yourself from within.

Air Element

While not many will be drawn to this element if you are it means you are the kind of person who spends a lot of time dreaming. You have tons of ideas in your head and are not quite sure how to bring them out into the real world. You are a hard worker but when it comes to dedication sometimes you may seem to be lacking.

Working with the element of air is not easy. You have to be willing to communicate properly. In order to strengthen your bond with this element, you need to stand outside in the wind and reaffirm your connection, be careful, and let the air know that you are willing to work with it not against it.

Water Element

If you were drawn to the element of water, you are someone who sees others as they are. You are the kind of person that most struggle to get things over regarding bad intentions. You can see people as they truly are and for some that is quite scary.

When it comes to working with this element, you need to be transparent in all possible ways. You cannot harbor negative thoughts all the while trying to help others. That in itself will only put you further behind.