For those who might not know, there is something known as locational astrology and it’s quite mind-blowing. This is a concept that has been somewhat popular since the 1970s and is something I feel most people should dive into at least once in their lives. 

Basically, this involves mapping out places that would be of significance to you based on your natal chart. Locational astrology is also referred to as astrogeography and well, by using your birth chart and a map showing where some of the celestial bodies were during your birth you can really find more than you might ever imagine.

If you know what time you were born, where you were born, and your birthdate you can actually click here to generate that map. This will mark lots of different places that would be or could be of significance to you and honestly, I see them as places we should move to or visit during our lives. 

While your chart can be intense and some of these places might not invoke proper positive emotions from you, checking them out when it comes to considering moving is crucial. These places are significant on your chart for a reason. You may find more opportunities within them than you could ever expect elsewhere.

Architectural Digest wrote as follows on this topic:

Astrocartography expert Elizabeth Smith first learned about the locational astrology method from a magazine back in the 1970s. “I was intrigued because I was already pretty impressed by astrology and studying it on my own,” she says. “I sent away for my map, and my journey began.” Smith found astrocartography so “uncannily accurate” that she continues to learn about and practice it four decades later.

Smith put her knowledge to the test to plan a move from New York City to a smaller town—she was looking for a place that would allow her to continue working while spending as much time as possible with her family. “I used astrocartography and moved to an area of the country that was conducive to having a home and family life, but that was also conducive to wealth being increased,” she explains, “through the value of my real estate purchase as well as the opportunity to make money without having to leave my child.”

Smith ended up on the Carolina coast, a transition her map suggested would be advantageous and that she says “worked out very, very well.” Since then, she’s continued honing her craft and working with clients to help them identify countries and cities that may be likely to bring prosperity—and ones that may be better to avoid.

One of those clients is Kelly Campbell. She met Smith around four years ago in Brooklyn, where Smith was working as an astrologer. “She introduced me to astrocartography as an opportunity, a tool to optimize big changes in my life,” says Campbell, who was working as an actress. She’d begun to feel like big-city life wasn’t for her, and was craving a change of scenery.

“It was important to me to find influences on the map that were prosperous for me,” says Campbell, “somewhere where I was supported with community, as well as a fertile ground to create my business.” One of those places was Asheville, North Carolina, a town where a few of Campbell’s extended family members happened to already reside. Two months after seeing her chart, she was packed and en route.

Now, two years later, Campbell runs a local investment club and has found a solid community in her new home base. “Doors started opening up and opportunities started flowing in a way that had been hard to generate up in New York,” she says.

Relocating yourself using astrology might sound a bit out there but for many it has been quite an amazing journey. I for one would love to give it a go myself next time I am ready to uproot and find somewhere new to go. Life is full of possibilities and this just makes it all the more interesting.

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