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When you’re out hoarding toilet paper, baby formula, water, and other things of the sort please stop to think about those who have trouble getting out or who may be in need. Just because you got there first doesn’t mean you should buy all that there is. 

There are other babies that will go hungry if all the formula is gone and other households that will be forced to come up with new means of wiping their rear end if the toilet paper is all sold out locally. Not everyone can afford to drive around looking for the things they need and for some, that puts them at more of a risk than you’d think.

Some older people already struggle to get into and around the grocery store once a week or twice a month. For them just getting inside might take 30 minutes or longer. They, too, need the products many people are hoarding and selling for higher prices or just keeping piled up at home. You’re not going to need 30 huge packages of hand sanitizer. By buying more than you need, you’re leaving someone else without.

In recent times I have seen lots of people come together online looking for specific kinds of baby formulas and things like distilled water. While you might not think about it often when you buy up all of that distilled water it leaves those with traches unable to find any. For those who might not be aware people with traches (who have undergone tracheostomies), they must rinse their tubes in distilled water which sure can be made at home but isn’t always the easiest option for everyone. Everything we do has some kind of reaction, don’t forget that. 

If we would just take what we need, everyone would be able to stay prepared and comfortable but for some reason, many of us are being far too selfish for our own good. Please during these times think of others, not just yourself. There are tons of stores across the US, we should not be in short supply of many things and yet so many are struggling to get what they need. It took me about an hour to find baby wipes a few days ago myself and the feeling was not a good one to endure. 

Just because you can stock up in such a manner does not mean that you should. As stores continue to be scarce many of us are having to get quite creative with our cooking and grocery shopping overall. I for one am ready for things to get back to normal. This virus is nowhere near as bad as our response to it has made it out to be.