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When we respect ourselves enough to make sure our boundaries are not crossed it might be a bit inconvenient for those who want to use us. However, it is a powerful thing for our own well-being.

Self-respect can be a crucial tool in maneuvering through this world. Without it, people will walk all over you. While it can sometimes be hard to get the things you need to get done for yourself, you can manage and the fact that you do is a big deal. When you say ‘no’ to other people because you have a lot on your plate or you refuse to waste your time they may call you difficult but in situations like that, ‘difficult’ isn’t a bad thing.

Below I am going to go over some signs that you might need to work on respecting yourself more. If you’re struggling with boundaries and letting people tell you what to do, you need to work to respect yourself more properly. Through doing this you will be able to accomplish so much more than you might initially think.

8 Signs You Don’t Respect Yourself Enough:

1. You let other people use you.

Instead of holding your own, you let people take advantage of you time after time. When they come crawling back after hurting you, you let them in. This is a big issue that needs some serious correcting.

2. You do not make your own decisions.

If you’re not making your own decisions in life you don’t respect yourself much at all. This is your life to live, you should be the one in charge of it. No one else should be telling you how to live or who to be, period.

3. You never share your true feelings.

Unlike most people, those who do not respect themselves much do not share their emotions. They hide their feelings for the sake of others never taking into consideration their own well-being. This is no way to live.

4. You don’t get to do things you like/love to do.

You’re so caught up in everything else that you let your own wants or needs fall through the cracks. You never do things you actually want to do and are always doing things other people want to do. When is it your turn to be happy?

5. You’re far harder on yourself than you are on others.

Instead of treating yourself correctly, you are harder on yourself than anyone else. You’re always beating yourself up or tearing yourself down. It’s like you don’t realize that you’re human just like everyone else.

6. You let the thought of others get to you.

The opinions other people have of you matter more than they should. Instead of valuing your own opinion above all else, you just don’t. You let other people get under your skin with ease.

7. You’re always stuck in toxic relationships.

You’re not good at cutting ties with the people who hurt you. Instead of leaving them in the past you let them hurt you over and over again. Why do you keep doing this to yourself?

8. You’re always agreeing to do things for other people but never doing things for yourself.

Your life is lived for other people and not for yourself. You are basically a pack mule doing all you can to please the people around you. The more this plays out as it is the less happy you will be. You deserve a break and should not be as exhausted in life as you are.