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Hello again, It’s me. I know you aren’t quite sure what went wrong in our friendship and we both know it’s time I explained. Sure, we are on good terms, but we don’t talk anymore.

I decided to stop being ‘best friends’ with you for many reasons and most of those reasons I never really voiced to you. I know, I walked away from our friendship leaving you with a lot of questions and I know that in doing that, I really hurt you. I am sorry for hurting you like that, I just felt like we had really drifted and that cutting ties was the best thing to do at the time.

You and I were much closer than I have ever been with anyone else. You know all of my secrets and I am pretty sure I know all of yours. We were almost like the same person, and it’s crazy to think about the times we shared and the memories we made. When we began to grow older our time together got quite scarce and I know that was not your fault or mine.

We both had and do have our own lives to live. You went in one direction and I went in another. You and I both have jobs, you’re in school, and neither of us really had much extra time to spare so we stopped talking all the time and I noticed that sometimes we would go weeks without speaking, sure I would text but you would either be too busy to talk or wouldn’t text back at all. Don’t get me wrong, I have also done this to you but it still sucks.

You kind of slowly began cutting me off but still wanted me around. I felt like you only messaged me when you needed something and that really didn’t make me feel good. We weren’t exactly in the same town but we were and are still not that far from one another. You just weren’t the same kind of friend to me that you had been before we grew up.

You and I used to be there for one another and as you got older you also got colder. You hurt me quite a few times and kept choosing other people over me. If something bad happened to me, you wouldn’t want to hear about it, you would just shut me out all the while expecting me to sit beside you while you cried when your ex-cheated on you. You do know that friendships are not supposed to be one-sided, right?

I’m sure it took you a little while to realize I wasn’t going to be there for you anymore and I’m sorry about that, I know it was probably a painful realization for you. You always took things like that hard. I should have just let you know what was going on but I didn’t know how to. I felt like you were pushing me away because you were, you did distance yourself from me and you gave me no other choice than to let go.

I do still think of you and the good times we had. I will forever cherish the time we spent together and the fun we had but there comes a point where we outgrow one another and it seems we at that time had reached that point. We were great friends for what felt like a lifetime but it was only six years, a lot happened in those six years and I would go back and do it all over again if I could.

I didn’t suddenly stop caring about you or decide that I didn’t want you in my life anymore overnight. I just decided that maybe it was time for our paths to stop crossing for a while. If they ever do cross again maybe we will both be better people and can offer one another what we once did before things got complicated.

Thank you for being the person that you were and I know that you didn’t mean to ‘stop being there for me’ when you did, you just had a lot going on and I understand. I am not mad at you and I have never been. I just needed time to grow and it was clear you needed space to find yourself.

I hope that in the future we can come back to one another and pick up where we left off. I love you still and always will whether we do or do not link up in the future. I hope all is well in your life and that you have plenty of years full of happiness headed your way.


Someone That You Once Knew

Once again, thank you for everything. I truly do miss you.