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When we think of people with dark souls, we often think of evil beings, however, that is not what they are at all. While there are some dark souled individuals that are nothing but sheer evil, there are others that have a swollen heart.

Just because those with dark souls are not as quick to trust does not mean they care any less. Those with dark souls and swollen hearts know the following to be true. People of this sort should be appreciated far more than they are. Just because you do not understand someone does not mean they are as cold as you make them out to be.

9 Things Those With Dark Souls and Swollen Hearts Know to Be True:

1. You are far more protective of your friends than most.

You will not let anyone hurt your friends and family. You are there for them no matter what. Because your heart is so swollen you care far too much.

2. You believe in others far more than you should.

You are always putting too much faith in those around you. This sets you up for disappointment big time. While believing in other people is important putting too much into them only sets unrealistic expectations.

3. You are able to empathize with others easily.

You empathize with everyone even those you shouldn’t. This takes a serious toll on you. It really affects you on a level you don’t realize and you should try to focus more on yourself.

4. You are too quick to forgive those who have harmed you.

You are always forgiving people who do not deserve your forgiveness. Just because you are kind does not mean you should be naive. Sometimes you need to keep your guard up.

5. You tend to put others needs before your own.

You are constantly putting the needs of other people before your own needs. You do not take care of yourself like you should and that can be a big issue. When this happens it can end up making you feel terrible.

6. You focus too much on things you cannot control.

You don’t know when to stop, it seems even the things you cannot change upset you big time. You should stop focusing on the things you can’t control. If you cannot change it you should not be giving it power.

7. You dwell too much on the past.

You are a bit too stuck in the past and it is doing harm to your mental wellbeing. You need to be more present. There is nothing wrong with reflecting from time to time but all in all the past should remain in the past.

8. You do not set healthy boundaries like you should.

You step all over yourself and in doing so let others step all over you as well. This is only pulling you down. It is not healthy to ignore boundaries you set out for yourself.

9. You give too much of yourself to those you care about.

You give others far more than you should. You do not put enough focus on self-care. You are just as important as the people in your life. Stop putting yourself last.

Just because you are a dark soul does not mean you aren’t caring. I have found that dark souls actually care the most. If you have someone in your life who gives far too much of themselves you should be sure to thank them for all that they do.